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Why miniskirts & microphones? 

Six years ago my husband (then boyfriend) looked at the Weebly account I was using for my blog and cringed. He said he loved the content, but said I absolutely needed a new look and that I could really be a blogger. I started that amateur blog on a whim one day, sitting at my desk at work. For 13 years I worked as a news reporter and TV anchor at several media houses in The Bahamas and the routine of chasing politicians, criminals, celebrities, and the day’s news for so long felt like it was stifling my creativity. I'm a firecracker who’s always had a love for entertainment and fashion, red lipstick and travel, so I created a blog to flex the creative muscles that were being tied down by newspaper deadlines and last minute press conferences. 
This was in 2013. It was then that I started using ianthia-smith.com to share the colorful side of my life. Blogging about eventful weekends, my fave outfits, how I pampered myself on days off and my vacations (whenever I got to take them). 
It wasn't until the end of 2014 when I cold turkey quit my news reporter job and became a full-time blogger that I realized the power of this platform. I saw massive growth in my blog and brand when my articles evolved from cookie cutter pieces to more real, down-to-earth, relatable pieces that took my readers on my journey from being a 9 to 5 hustler to an entrepreneur. I bared it all; sharing the ups and downs, the successes and stresses that came with being a #girlboss. I dropped gems on how I built my brand as a travel and lifestyle blogger and freelance writer, tips on getting over yourself and going after your dreams, my fave recipes, beauty products and fashions I love, my globetrotting adventures and travel tips. 
After five years of blogging full-time, I thought it was time to revamp the brand and re-launch the blog! I truly believe in giving my readers a dope ass experience when they visit my website, and I knew one major part of that was building a new site that reflected the growth, successes and achievements of my brand. With that said…

The party continues on this new site where I’ll still be sharing all the dope content you know and love; branding tips, my travels around the world, my whacky world of being an influencer and media personality, a contributing writer for some of your favorite online publications like XONecole and ESSENCE and more beauty, fashion and lifestyle posts. If you’re looking for a website that delivers health + beauty; lifestyle + travel; fashion + entertainment and love + women’s issues that are easy and fun to read, then you’ve come to the right place!

I’m Ianthia, your guide to all things fabulous!


Welcome to ianthiasmith.com

What I love to discuss on the blog

I'm a globetrotter at heart and I love bringing my readers along for the ride! I might not be able to fit you in my suitcase, but through vibrant photos and videos and beautiful writing, you'll feel like you're right next to me; riding elephants in Thailand or dune bashing in Dubai! From Spain to Puerto Rico, Morocco to Panama and Costa Rica, Brazil, Cuba, to the beautiful islands of The Bahamas; I share all of my travel stories here. One of my fave travel features is Who. What. Wear.; where I break down the lewks and fashions I rocked on each trip!


As a woman, a wife, a sister…a human being, I encounter so many things on a daily basis, and I love to write about them! Relationships, good days, bad days, weird encounters, life lessons…I’ll share all my tales with you. I love to especially write about the things that affect us as women and the relationships that make us. I'll also be sharing my face recipes and DIY fixes, pieces to help get you out of a rut and help activate the bada$$ you truly are.


I love to inspire and incite you to live your life out loud! On this blog, you'll get your ENTIRE life as I drop gems and life lessons I've learned along way and that have helped me to live my life unapologetically. Whether it's having a cheerleader in your corner to help you start and maintain your blog, finding the courage and time to start that business, how to use social media to your advantage and make bank or...(clears throat) quit your job and never look back, I'm here to hold your hand through it all!

Fairy BlogMother

I'm an author too y'all (it took everything in me to actually type that! lol)! But as I learn I love to pass on the knowledge. So, so far I've penned two-ebook just for you! I also have a smart mouth and I love Twitter. Some of my tweets have been so popular with my tribe that I decided to put them on a t-shirt!



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