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3 ways to Keep your Social Media Poppin’ While Travelling

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Jun 28, 2016


If you’re anything like me and would jump on a plane to fly to the other end of the earth in a heartbeat, then you could identify with the thrill that travelling gives. Being away for any stretch of time, with my passport as my new best friend and each new stamp in it, a tattoo on my heart, I’d go to the moon if you allowed me, just to say I made the trip! I love stomping through a new city not knowing where I’ll end up and making world renowned landmarks the backdrop to my story.

But being a blogger constantly on the go, it’s a real task for websites, blog posts, social media updates and interactions to stay updated while I’m globetrottin’. Sure, connecting to the strongest WiFi signal in your area brings some joy and relief, but it’s not enough for someone like me who lives by the motto, “Bloggin’ is life!”

I’ve found 3 surefire ways to keep my blog poppin’ when I travel

Invest in SIM card with data

Unlike Ludacris, I don’t have h*es in different area codes, but I do have a SIM card from just about every country I’ve been to. Having a constant stream of data to my phone is crucial when I travel! I love staying in touch, keeping up and informing my followers of what I’m doing each step of the way. Updates on food, beautiful sights, nightlife, keeping up with the news and my favorite bloggers and writers, require more than 2 bars on the WiFi signal in my hotel room or at the mall!

Take your laptop

Sometimes I instantly get inspired to write, draft a blog, edit some photos or…back up my info! From the minor to the major, I’ve found that travelling with my laptop has come in handy (and saved my life) in a variety of ways. My heart might skip several beats if I go on an amazing trip, take tons of photos and jot down great notes but my phone goes bizzerk and crashes! My phone has done some pretty freaky things to me at the weirdest times, so I try my hardest to ensure that everything is backed up on my computer. Besides, nothing beats curling up in a hammock under palm tree branches while writing. How is my latest blog doing? What are my friends and fans saying  about my last post? Are there any comments, emails, job offers I need to reply to? Think on these things.

Schedule a blog post for a date you’ll be away

After every trip I find myself scrambling to catch up with my blog…with myself! I try to blog consistently, but in the past when travelling, I’ve noticed that my blog got no love. So these days, I draft a blog post (like this one) but don’t hit publish until about day 2 or day 3 into my trip, depending on when my last post was. This way, I stick to my rule of being consistent and get more eyes on my site even while I dip my toes in ocean blues or hike up scenic mountains. Scheduling a post takes off the edge when you’re travelling and doesn’t really leave the blog wanting! And if you don’t run a blog but have a business page on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, scheduling posts ensure that you don’t miss out on any coins.

By the way, I’m posting this from poolside on my island getaway!

What are some tips you use to keep your blog or social media poppin’ while you’re away!

3 ways to Keep your Social Media Poppin’ While Travelling

  1. Christina says:

    Having a sim card is soooo important! WiFi is never great no matter what hotel or country you are at. Nothinf is worse than taking a great pic and not being able to upload it. Great tips!


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