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4 Things I Did For Self-Care This Week



Apr 21, 2023


I love me. Let’s just start there.

That said, I make it my business to do a little self-care as often as I can. It could be something as simple as going outside to soak in some sun or as lavish as an all-day spa. Whatever the level of care for self, I get it in!

Here’s what I did this week, because I love myself.

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Manicure for maintenance – I love getting manicures, so I booked a date with my nail artist for a new pop of color!

Annual physical for health – GET YOUR PAP SMEAR! So many people don’t know that they get a free annual physical with their health insurance coverage (confirm this with your insurance provider) and miss out on a free full body check up! I do them every single year.

A new top for my closet – An add to the wardrobe is always welcomed. With spring upon us and summer on its way, I got this vibrant floral crop top…just because.

Vitamins for my body – I’m trying out new vitamin regimen for more energy, more productivity and to strengthen my hair and nails.

How did you self-care this week?

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4 Things I Did For Self-Care This Week

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