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5 EASY Ways To Keep Your Blog and Website Alive

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Jan 21, 2022


Content creation has had a real glow up since I started blogging in 2013.

With Reels, Tik Tok and more short form content being the go-to for creatives and what seems to be super entertaining and engaging for consumers, it’s easy for bloggers to feel pressured to ditch their websites and cop to these new, trendy, flashy, dance-inducing, fashionable styles of creating content.

But, to me, websites and the blogs they house will FOREVER have their place in the content creation space!

As a writer, I’m a lover of reading and writing blog posts, so I’ll always champion and cheer you on to keep your blog going. But I must admit, as bloggers we do have to change with the times and reinvent our content to keep and grow our audiences. So yes, incorporating more Reels and Tik Toks into your content arsenal is a great thing to stay on trend.

But while you’re pointing at words to a song’s beat, using your hand to cover the camera lens before revealing a fire transition or learning the latest social media dance, don’t forget to keep writing blog posts!

Here are five tips I use to keep my blog alive!

Develop blog only content – One of the ways I ensure my blog stays alive is by making it a priority and creating content specifically for it. During my content planning, I make it a habit to write three to five blog ideas for the month. I then use my social media platforms to promote the blog and remind my audience that the website is still up and running!

Post consistently – It’s so cliche now, but it’s true: the only way to keep any of your platforms alive, is to get consistent, your blog included. A blog a week, a blog a month – whatever schedule you decide stick to it! I typically don’t let more than a month past between one blog post and the next. Yes, I do take breaks and get busy, but I always, always return to writing for my blog. Always.

Repurpose content from other platforms into blog posts – Turn that YouTube video into a blog post, turn that podcast episode into a blog post, that Instagram post into a blog post…you get the gist right? Repurposing content from other platforms for your blog is a great way to make sure you’re constantly adding new content to the website. Blogs also give you more room to expound on an idea and go deeper into a subject. Take the tips you just shared from that Reel caption (that you told everyone to go read) and write a blog post!

If you need help with content creation check out my Teachable school and courses here!

Share old posts from your blog – I love taking an hour or so to sit down and schedule posts from my website. If they were written two weeks ago or two years ago, all published posts should be shared again and again. Someone is always seeing your work for the first time. This drives new traffic to your site and this is always a good thing. P.S. I use Later or Hootesuite to schedule my blog promos.

Collaborate with other bloggers – A series, a guest blogging spot, a feature; there are many ways to partner with other creatives. I love this idea because it has great benefits; creating content for the blog and positioning your blog in front of a new audience. While you’re promoting this collab on your platforms, so is your partner and this drives traffic to both audiences.

I’ve had so many people ask about blogging and whether or not it’s a dying art form; it’s not! All it takes is recommitting yourself to your blog, remembering the value it brings, reminding yourself that unlike your social media platforms, your blog is yours and you own the content on there. Just as you plan out your Reels and Tik Toks, your content for Instagram and YouTube, you have to do the same for your blog!

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keep my blog alive

So when was the last time you published a blog post? Share the link in the comments, I wanna read!

5 EASY Ways To Keep Your Blog and Website Alive

  1. Ominique says:

    Loved this! Thanks for the tips Ianthia! Got my juices flowing for my blog. The last te I posted on my blog was November! Here’s the link.

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