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A Champagne Brunch with Marcus & Friends



Mar 31, 2023


An invite to a good Sunday brunch is one I’d rarely ever turn down.

And I was oh so happy I accepted the offer to dine with celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson at the Grand Hyatt Baha Mar’s Marcus. The calendar pointed to a packed day and I had a huge hosting gig that afternoon. I nearly declined the invite, but when I realized the times for each event didn’t conflict and I could make it work, I did…with no regrets!

I initially thought the event would be held inside, but I was pleasantly surprised when our server escorted us to the beach garden area: the sand beneath my feet, sprawling beach in front of me, large trees crawling overhead giving us all the shade we needed; oh baby it was a vibe!

I’ve done many brunches before; some were ok, some fell completely flat, but this one definitely passed the vibe check! From the music to Chef Marcus milling around and talking to everyone, the sun shining down, the sea breeze flowing through the space, the great service, it was easy to have a great time. And that we did!

I can’t find the ruffle top I wore anywhere online, but I did wear my new favorite jeans and these very comfortable shoes.

I lost those shoes at some point and even made it to the dance floor a few times to joined the other ladies singing “Dancing Queen” to the top of our lungs. In that bevy of beauties was Miss Universe 1998 Wendy Fitzwilliam from Trinidad and Tobago. I’d interviewed her years prior, so it was so good to see her again!

It was a beautiful spring day and I love that they took this event outdoors. There was a live band playing all my favorite old school and new school joints, the drinks were flowing endlessly and the food was absolutely delicious. Every plate, every course, every bite was magnificent!

A champagne brunch with Marcus? Oh, I’m accepting the invite every single time!

Here’s the menu

Wanna see this brunch in motion? Check out this Instagram Reel!

A Champagne Brunch with Marcus & Friends

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