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Here’s How I Make My Money as a Freelancer

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May 24, 2019


One of the most annoying interesting questions I receive when I tell people that I work for myself as a freelance media professional and writer is, “So…how do you make money?” That, coupled with the deflated, “I pity this girl” look on their face really strike the heart.

And you know what, I get it! I’m one of those people who have ventured into the untraditional and have made it my normal. Some of my family members are still grasping at straws trying to figure out what I do all damn day and how it is that I’m able to travel, shop and do more than I did on my 9 to 5.

Well, here’s the tea…lean in!

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It’s no secret that in the year of our Lord 2019; when the cost of living is through the roof, everything requires your coins and it seems like we spend more than we even have a chance to make; multiple streams of income is the only way we’ll truly survive. I had to learn that the hard way.

When I first quit my job I literally had no clue how I’d make money on a sustained, consistent basis. Transitioning from the comforts of a sure check every two weeks to literally starting from scratch and scrambling to find the first coin was a journey that came with many tears, frustrating days and thoughts of, “Let me carry my a$$ back to work!”

Now I’m not out here professing to have a Beyonce-sized bank account, because I don’t (Lord, I’ve seen what you’ve done for others, remember me), but I’ve been so blessed and worked so hard at locking in multiple clients, that I’ve been able to make this thing work for nearly five years straight, without pulling out my hair.

Honestly, to me, cold turkey quitting your job is one of the riskiest, easiest but most fulfilling ways to really tap into your super powers, stretch your creative muscles and open up that money portal that’s waiting for you. I also understand though, that not everyone has this luxury; but it’s not impossible. Even if you work a 9 to 5, you have it in you to start a side gig that could literally be the start of something great.

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So, THIS is how I make my money as a freelancer!

I write stuff for people – Being able to write for the likes of XONecole, ESSENCE, Forbes Travel Guide, Sheen Magazine and other online publications isn’t just a childhood dream realized, it’s also a source of income for me. I read somewhere once that everyone has the ability to make money as long as they know how to make their skills bankable. I aint the best, but I’d like to think that I’m a damn good writer; so I found a way to make it profitable. I’ve written for sites like Air BNB, Going Places Travel; prepared press releases for some companies, I’ve written the “About Us, FAQ and blog pages for some websites as well as radio and TV ads. The trick is to find what you’re good at and make it make you money!

I help other people make money – Somewhere along my journey of building my online business, I managed to string together a pretty attractive social media presence and some influence; so much so that local and international companies pay me to use, wear, promote and explain their products and services so that members of my tribe could be introduced to them and in turn make purchases. I love partnering with brands that fit my lifestyle or brands that I’m already a huge of fan because talking about them or integrating them into my hectic life is seamless. Over the years I’ve partnered with brands like Going Places Travel, Black Opal (Bahamas), ORS Hair Care, Eagle Electric and many others.


I manage social media accounts – All businesses wanting to grow their numbers, reach new prospective clients and keep their finger on the pulse on what’s happening need a thriving social media presence…and they need someone with experience and a good eye to manage it. I have the pleasure on a day-to-day basis to add the colour, set the mood and be the voice of some very popular social media pages; many of them I’ve started from scratch! It’s a hefty task, but being responsible for a brand’s online presence is something I love to do; curating and choosing the best photos, coming up with captions and interacting with clients gives me some real “Ghostwriter” vibes.

I host and produce TV shows – A journalist at heart and a storyteller until I die; I also make my money by hosting a number of local (soon to be international; I’m speaking it into existence!) TV shows. This is the part where I’ve taken a skill I have and made it bankable. Even though I’ve left mainstream media and put my news anchor days behind me, I still love being on TV and giving the scoop, so I landed hosting gigs with BTC for the BTC TV Show and The Rising Sun Morning Show and Island Luck’s Chef It Up. I love being on camera! Also I’m producer of Bahamian food show A Mouth Full, which finds and features the best restaurants and dishes on the island. A local TV station wanted to air the episodes so we signed a deal! I was also able to make money as producer because of the advertisers who jumped on board!


I sell inspiration – Yes, I actually do! Being a social media influencer, writer and blogger, I’ve learned so much over the years and I’m constantly bombarded with questions. I’ve taken the time out to package my advice, suggestions, tips, tricks and gems into e-books that spill all the tea on what members of my tribe want to know. So far I’ve published two e-books; Create. Post. Push. which teaches readers how to keep their blog and online presence alive and thriving; it’s available for free download right on this site! My most recent book, #PitchSayWhat is a five-step guide that teaches all creatives how to pitch their work to publications, get picked and get paid! It’s available right here in digital and print!

I’m a voice talent – I cringe every time I hear Bahamians complain about the over-the-phone wait times they experience when they call a particular bank; but I chuckle knowing it’s my voice they’re listening to while they wait! Again, using my journalism skills, I’m able to bank some pretty pennies by voicing and TV ads. I’ve read commercials for banks, car companies, travel agencies, electrical supply stores and many others. Can you guess which ones?

Whether you work a 9 to 5 or you’re taking the entrepreneur journey, you’re gifted with skills and talents that no one else possess and it’s seriously time to put them to use. I was forced to carve this lane for myself and I know if I didn’t push myself to the limit I would’ve never tapped into all of these avenues and money making streams.

What venture, project, skill can you make bankable right now? Let’s chat in the comments below!

Here’s How I Make My Money as a Freelancer

  1. Latera Brown-McPhee says:

    I always love reading your posts!! Continue being a great inspiration!

  2. Yolanda says:

    Thank you for sharing your money making moves! I love following you, reading your blog and just looking at the fab photos! I’m tempted to blog – but I know that’s not the road for me lol – but I do want to use my voice for radio and t.v. ads. Can we have a consultation on how I can get into that and whether my voice is right for it?

  3. Post full of substance, in this day and age where cost of living is at an all time high, it is quit effective to multi task your talents into multiple sources of income to survive. It’s also a very competitive market out here and blogging is no exception. I’ve been in it a couple months and wowwwww….
    This is where working SMART comes in. Great post.

    • ianthia says:

      Welcome to the field! It’s a very challenging, tough industry but so fulfilling in so many ways. Thank you for reading.

  4. Kenisha says:


  5. Janeen says:

    Is it weird that I listened and read along?. Great post I like the addition of the voice note. A friend suggested doing that on my blog, really like it. Love your content. At the crossroads myself everyday something keeps telling me to just make the jump and do what I love full time. I keep waiting for the right time

    • ianthia says:

      Hahaahaha thank you and God bless your heart, my own voice it not my fave thing to hear! but thank you so much for the read and listen. When it’s time to jump nothing will stop you!

  6. RAQUEL S. PINDER says:

    Hi there! I often read your blogs and follow you on social media. There always seems to be something exciting going on on your platforms and its sure nuff a great place to get some creative inspiration.

    Your photos are always amazing (no fair, you have a live-in photographer :-). Nonetheless, thanks for always sharing. Some professionals, I think, feel that helping others succeed will somehow lesson their bottom line. Not you, you give excellent, HONEST tidbits on how to get it done. Amazing job and thank you!

    • ianthia says:

      Thank you so much Raquel! You’re always so supportive. I love sharing what I’ve learned, it helps me to be better!

  7. Romana Carey says:

    As usualy great read! Love the tips! So happy to see one of our own making this non-traditional approach work!!!!!!

    • ianthia says:

      Thank you so much!!

      • Rogan Smith says:

        Hi Ianthia!

        Excellent post. I remember asking you this question on the Ed Fields Live show. A lot of people ask this question of creatives – bloggers in particular. What a great post! Keep it up.

        This Bahamian Gyal

        • ianthia says:

          Thank so much Rogan! Yes, this is a popular question, so I figured why not answer it publicly once and for all.

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