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How Much That Cost? 4 Ways I’m Shopping Smarter and Saving Coins



May 12, 2022


Every single time I have to go grocery shopping, I shed a tear. It’s no secret to any of us that the prices, on everything, have skyrocketed. Items, like a stick of butter, that I bought for $1.94 last year is now priced at $2.25. A two-and-a-half-dozen crate of eggs is priced at $13.19…$13 FOR EGGS YALL!

It’s no secret, I can be Frugal Franny, but I could assure you that my complaining about these 2022 prices is valid and within reason. Sadly, with the state the world is in right now, it doesn’t seem like we’ll get any relief soon, that’s why I’m putting measures in place to save my coin and keep me from pulling out my edges when I have to go grocery shopping.

Here are 4 ways I’m making my dollar stretch!

  1. Shop around – I absolutely hate having to go into more than one store and would always put my eggs in one basket (and my money in one register) and purchase everything I needed at place. These days, I can be found in up to four different food stores per shopping trip, just to catch a sale, save a buck on the same or similar item and to buy in bulk. Like the strawberries that are $8.99 a crate in one store, but I drive to another store 10 mins away and get two crates for $10. Or the almond milk I could buy in one grocery store chain but get 3 for $10 in another store…and the ounces add up to more than the single bottle. I used to be so mad at my mom when she’d have us bouncing from shop to shop, but I get it now sis, I do!
  2. Shop by flavor – Yes mam! For some reason, certain items in certain flavors are more expensive. Like the sugar-free boxed juice I get for my daughter; the mango tango flavor is $8.53 per pack but the berry lemonade flavor is only $5.62 per pack. Or the sparkling water we like; $3.50 per six-pack for the lemon and peach flavors but $5.65 per six-pack for the berry flavor. Please believe I get the cheaper flavors every single time!
  3. Swap your brands – In these days, with these prices, I am not, I cannot be loyal to the big name brands that come with big name prices. I would admit that this does not apply to every item, because sometimes made cheaper do taste cheaper. But in instances where flavor profiles or end result aren’t drastically different I’ve definitely bought a generic brand to suffice; like my peanut butter, ketchup, hot chocolate mix and even some cleaning products. Girl, who’s gonna know? They’ll never know.
  4. Shop your cupboards first – I can’t count how many times I came back from the grocery store with three of something I already had four of in the cupboard. Yes, I do write lists, but I’ve found that doing a deep dive of my cupboards, writing down what I have and in what quantities, before a shopping trip really helps to avoid over-shopping.

It’s hard out here in these streets and like my grandmother used to say, “everything is going up but my damn salary!” Grammy, sad to report, same here, sis! I hope these quick shopping tips help you out on your next trip, but feel free to leave your tips in the comment, cause I need them!

How Much That Cost? 4 Ways I’m Shopping Smarter and Saving Coins

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