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How This Pink Coach Bag Reminded Me That, “I Deserve!”



Aug 17, 2021


I remember the carefree days of taking my lunch break or a day off from work to pop into my favorite luxury store brands to treat myself to fancy shoes, a purse or even sunglasses.

I mean, I worked hard, I gave my all to my craft and place of employment, I sacrificed, I saved, I invested, I was smart with my money so when I felt the need to do a little retail therapy, nothing could stop me.

I’d be the first to tell you, when you leave your job for the journey of entrepreneurship, you become a little more careful with how you spend your dollars; and I mean every single dollar!

You’re working for yourself now, and naturally you fight harder to make and keep every red cent you earn. As an entrepreneur for the past seven years, I’ve been fighting hard to keep my brand and business making the money it’s been making and doing what it’s been doing; and I’m proud to say I’ve been blessed beyond measure.

But, one of the luxuries being an entrepreneur also provides is the ability to treat yourself to vacations when you want, personal days when you feel, 3-day work weeks as you please and even luxury brand purses on a whim, without having to feel guilty.

Entrepreneurship has turned me into a, “We’re building these brands, we got this baby now let’s not splurge” kinda gal.

But very recently, I was reminded that being an entrepreneur affords me the ability to also be a, “We’re building these brands, we got this baby now so we deserve a slight splurge” kinda gal.

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For the past few years I’ve been doing a lot of window shopping in stores I once frequented. Window shopping, not because I can’t afford the purchase, but because I allowed the freedom I’ve afforded myself to tie me down.

Read that part again!

It’s almost like I got addicted to the freedom of entrepreneurship and making money on my terms and time that I there’s a fear and a guilt when I have to spend it. I rarely stop to enjoy the fruits of my labor and splurge on me, love on me when I want to. It was so easy to do it when that “secure” pay check was coming in; but these past seven years have proven that there is security in my life as an entrepreneur and businesswoman.

What’s the point of doing all this work, making the money I’m making but being afraid to spend it on me?

I deserve!

While on vacation and shopping in the mall, I paused in front of the Coach store, started to walk in but turned around. My husband asked why I changed my mind and I told him I didn’t want to go in and end up making a big purchase I’d later regret. He then reminded me that we work hard to afford, not just the things we need, but also the things we want. So we popped into the Coach store, browsed a little and purchased the first luxury handbag I’d owned in years. And trust, it’s not gon’ be the last! I even added something special for Faren, if (i.e. when) I hand it down to her.

How This Pink Coach Bag Reminded Me That, “I Deserve!”

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