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I’ve Been Craving Cornbread…



Nov 22, 2021


I’ve been craving a warm, buttered slice of cornbread!

I popped into a restaurant that serves the most delicious slices one Sunday, but they were out. I felt defeated; until I remembered I had a cornbread mix at home that I had yet to open.

Add three more ingredients to this concoction, and I could be on my way to savoring the warm, buttered, and this time honied, delight I’ve been wanting for so long.

So on this Sunday, I popped into the kitchen and got to whipping!

This recipe was super easy to make! The box includes 4 packs of the premix, all you need to add to one pack is milk, one egg and vegetable oil.

Easier still, is the fact that I didn’t need to pull out my blender for this one. The ingredients mixed easily and quickly by hand.

Once mixed, I poured the batter into a square baking dish. You can also use a muffin tray if you’d like.

The mixture baked for 30 minutes and I finally had my fluffy, golden brown cornbread I’d been craving. I also took the recipe’s suggestion to make a honey butter. It’s just softened butter with honey mixed in.

I drizzled that over a warm slice of cornbread and my day was made.

It was the perfect dessert after Sunday’s family meal.

krusteaz cornbread
krusteaz cornbread
krusteaz cornbread
krusteaz cornbread
krusteaz cornbread
krusteaz cornbread
krusteaz cornbread

I’ve Been Craving Cornbread…

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