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Squad Up: 3 Reasons You Need A Blogger on Your Team

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Dec 17, 2016


All business people know that partnerships are everything!

And while the relationships you foster with your broker, lawyers and other businesses are important; if you’re not striking deals with bloggers, brand ambassadors and influencers then you’re missing the mark and your business is taking the beating.

In today’s world, newspaper ads, TV and radio spots and word of mouth from a satisfied customer aren’t enough to get your company the eyes and ears you need. Shoppers these days want to feel some human touch from the companies they patronize and support.

[bctt tweet=”Buyers today want companies to meet them where they’re at…on social media! ” username=”iamianthia”]

The businesses who are getting it right have moved away from traditional marketing and promotion strategies and are now tapping into the emotions, feelings, raw humanness…and social media to attract and keep their audience.

They’re doing this by creating ads and spots that speak the language of today: trendy, hashtags, memes, funky photos, flat lays (photography style), graphics, cool giveaways, collaborations and more and all by using social media savvy people who eat, sleep and breathe this thing!

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Here’s Why You Need A Blogger!



Bloggers and brand ambassadors are people who scour the internet and master social media day in and day out. By doing so, they’re able to amass big numbers of fans and followers and reach audiences you otherwise wont have the opportunity to tap into. They know when to post, what to post, what to say and who to say it to. Marketing departments globally are now stacking their teams with people who specifically run social media for them, because they know that while they’re crunching numbers and planning out the corporate side, they still have to keep their clients entertained. With a blogger/brand ambassador on your team, you have the ability to take your products and services directly to a new market. Because the blogger/brand ambassador is a trusted source who has already built a reputation with a fanbase, if they endorse something it’s pretty much a sell off!

Social Media Savvy

Social media aint easy! And it’s certainly more than just posting a pic here and there and adding your company’s website to the bio; its’ strategy, it’s planning, it’s creativity, it takes time and it involves a lot of know how in successfully using this new phenomenon to push a brand. Usually everyone else on the team has their job cut out for them, so having a strong social media presence is lacking for many businesses. With a blogger on your team this will come naturally! Task someone with keeping their finger on the pulse for you, get someone who’s keeping up with trending topics and the latest crazes, hire someone to stay on top of what existing and potential clients are talking about, pay someone to be the witty, and a spot on daily ambassador for your company. Get you a blogger!

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I giggle when I see an ad, tweet or post from a company that embodies some life, personality and humour! I instantly think about the person running their social media. These days, nothing gives a brand more life than having someone in charge of it who has some spunk and some fire. Whether it’s a brand ambassador who represents your brand by wearing, tasting, drinking, using your product or service, or a blogger who manages, runs, keeps your social media poppin’ and engages with your fans on a daily basis, having personality is key! Do you know how much cooler the phone cases you brought in would look if you had someone actually using one, or how many more eyes that new skirt would get with a fashion blogger wearing and promoting? Or think about having a blogger create amazing flat lays for your jewelry! These are the things you probably don’t have time to do but desperately need done! Trusting someone to bring life to your product and/or service really changes your online presence and helps you to engage more with people visiting your site.


I follow so many amazing bloggers around the world who are being utilized by smart companies wanting to broaden their reach. Locally (in The Bahamas) we’re not quite there yet, but there’s no reason we shouldn’t be. There’s a growing number of bloggers and brand ambassadors whose platforms you should be using to grow your businesses. Let them us help you reach new audiences and potential clients, let us introduce you to our fans and followers who trust us and the products we use and promote. I’ve had the pleasure of quietly working with some amazing local companies who have trusted me to help push their brands…let’s do more of this!

So as a travel, lifestyle, beauty and entertainment blogger/brand ambassador, I await your email! 🙂

Let’s collaborate!

Squad Up: 3 Reasons You Need A Blogger on Your Team

  1. Dope points. Wendy’s recently went viral on twitter because of these exact reasons. The key word is collaborating. Social Media is a skill that few have the time to learn and a designated person to do so on your team is definitely priceless. Nice post keep it up.

    • ianthia says:

      Hey! Thank you so much for reading, I’m happy you enjoyed! And yes, collaborating is EVERYTHING. Businesses really need to squad up! 🙂

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