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4 Easy (& Cheap!) Ways to Invest in Your Brand!

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Jun 21, 2019


I recently got back home from an amazing trip to Atlanta, Georgia where I attended Summit 21; a conference for the girl boss/businesswoman/entrepreneur/mother who is constantly seeking ways to level up in all areas.

I had such an amazing time and can’t wait to share all the details in upcoming blogs and vlogs.

This is the second girl boss/businesswoman/entrepreneur conference I’ve attended and I can’t begin to tell you how signing up for events like these have helped to change my business and my life.

Investing in conferences is one way I invest in me.

Since getting back home and to my laptop, I feel more refreshed, re-energized and ready to level up in my blog, my business and my brand.

summit 21 conference invest in your brand

I learned so much about making and managing money, balancing everything on my plate, creating new side hustles and being a girl boss in a world that tells me I can’t. 

Being a freelancer I’m constantly on the hunt for ways to grow my brand and business and invest in me.

Here are 4 easy (and cheap!) ways to easy to invest in your brand!

1. Conferences – I love conferences for the travel portion and the learning portion. Signing up for seminars and summits and conclaves in your field are a great way to zero in on the trends happening, to meet people you should know and take a quick trip to somewhere new or to a place you’d like to visit again. Read this to see nine other benefits of signing up for conferences. 

2. Classes – Whether online or pulling up a desk and chair, your learning should never stop. You can sign up for free or paid webinars, enrol in an online course or go whole hog and sign up for a class at a local school near you. A few years ago I enrolled in an online marketing with social media course at the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and got certified! Look into schools and courses nearby and sign up!

3. Read, any and everything – From blogs, to magazines, physical books to e-books, newsletters, the newspaper; so much information is waiting for you to find it. Becoming an avid reader can help you spark an idea for a company, a post, a project or a collaboration. Check out my latest e-book here #PitchSayWhat where I share the roadmap I use to land my gigs and contracts! 

4. Networking – Whenever you get ready, put on your Sunday’s best to head out to an event, you should always be looking for the business opportunity in it. Putting yourself in the right rooms, with the right people; getting in on the right conversations is indeed an investment that should not be overlooked. Pull someone aside, hand out your cards, compliment someone a recent accomplishment…just get the convo going, you never know where it could lead.

What steps are you taking to invest in you?

4 Easy (& Cheap!) Ways to Invest in Your Brand!

  1. erica says:

    Ianthia do you mind sharing what Books you read for your business/ brand !

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