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“Add To Cart!” Here’s Why You Need to Be Selling St*ff!

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Jun 27, 2019


I recently published my second book (eek!) and this December, I’ll be hosting my third annual “I work for my damn self” Christmas Party. Five years in and so far I have three products that people can feel, touch, read, experience and tell their friends about.

At first, I thought becoming a blogger would mean I’d just be curled up on the couch with socks, snacks and a blanket writing my life away, but it’s truly so much more than that.

Creating an online platform that people can come to for help, inspiration, laughs and tips also provides the perfect business opportunities for you. That was made super clear to me when I deposited wads of cash from my book sales and when Amazon emailed me this morning letting me know that the royalties from book sales on their site will be hitting my bank account in a few days.

Check out this article I wrote for XONecole about why e-books are so dope!

If you’re new to this, been true to this or just contemplating this; it’s now time to start thinking about creating and adding actual, factual, physical products to your online arsenal. Whether you do e-books, online courses, branded merchandise, create events or retreats, I can promise you it’ll be worth your time.

Here are 4 reasons why

Point of sale – Walking with physical products in hand, will make you feel like a boss…at least that’s how it makes me feel! Imagine creating a dope online course and someone in the mall stops you to ask about it and two minutes after parting ways you get a notification that they just bought in. By creating things to sell, you can take your products EVERYWHERE and increase your chances of getting it in someone’s hands or on their laptops and making a direct sale. When that lady stopped me while grocery shopping wanting to purchase one of my books, I was so happy I had a few copies in the car, so I quickly ran to get one for her. Also…who doesn’t like getting cash?!

Increases visibility and value – Since publishing my books, I’ve had multiple features in local features, on other bloggers’ websites and have made multiple TV and radio show appearances to talk about them and my life as a blogger. As a creative, placements like these are like hitting the jackpot. You want to be seen, you want to be known, you want your work and products to reach as many people as possible.

4 reasons to sell physical products

Capitalize on your authority – The minute you take the advice you give or the cool quotes you come up with and put them on some merchandise, you automatically up your game! Write a book or create a course, host a seminar or event, you’re solidifying yourself as a big wig in your field. Seeing products come to life with your name on them definitely adds a notch in your belt and people respect it.

IRL (in real life) connections – Even though the pulse of my business is in the digital space, it’s vital to step out into the real world to see, feel and and experience the people who rock with you. I get to do that each time I host my party or when I throw a book launch party. Hearing from the people I cater to face-to-face and one-on-one is a must in my online success. I love sharing stories, laughing, taking selfies, dancing and just being in the company of my people. I’ve realised that my books allow for so much more conversation when I run into someone who follows my work. It’s in these intimate, fun moments that I know the work I’m doing online, matters in the real world.

reasons to sell physical products
4 reasons to sell physical products

So, what product are you working on? What should I #addtocart?

Drop the links to your products in the comments, your next customer could be reading this!

“Add To Cart!” Here’s Why You Need to Be Selling St*ff!

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