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4 Reasons You NEED To Be Better On Camera

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Jul 18, 2022


There are a bajillion reasons you need to be better on camera, but I’ve got my top four!

In a recent Instagram post, I shared seven videos with my audience. The videos show my progression as an on-air personality; from horrid, to ok, to, “she’s good,” to great, this feels like me!

In the caption I shared how over the span of 10+ plus I worked on my delivery, my tone, my inflections and my confidence. It took a while to realize it, but being good on camera and having a great on-camera presence not only helped me in my job as a reporter and on-air talent, but it helped to boost my confidence to face life, literally.

The better I got at being on camera, the better I got at negotiating, the better I got at conversations, the better I got at promoting my business, the better I got at creating content.

I realised that the better I got at being on camera…the better I got at life!

And honestly it doesn’t matter what your profession is, what you do in your daily life, where you work, what you create or what you sell: everyone needs to be better on camera. Here are four reasons why.

  1. To land and ace more speaking engagements and media interviews – being better on camera helps you to attract more media attention which is always great for business. Showing up confidently and knowing how to ace an interview really sets you a part from the competition and can help you land paid speaking gigs on panels and at conferences.
  2. To position yourself as an expert in your industry – Similarly, when you’re good on camera and can dole out information that’s national news worthy, you can easily position yourself as an expert in your industry. Reporters love interviewees who are great on camera, share pertinent and valuable information are show up when the cameras turn on. Do this more than twice and they’ll constantly call on you, their expert, for news features.
  3. To rank higher on social media…and in people’s minds – Video content is more digestible these days. The more video content you create, the more your face is seen, your voice is remembered and the higher you rank, everywhere. This is definitely better for business.
  4. To boost your confidence, in real life – As mentioned earlier, being better on camera really prepares you to take on any stage. The mindset strategies employed to show up on camera are the similar to those used to walk into the boardroom and present your case, to enter your boss’ office to negotiate that salary increase and even to rid yourself of any social anxieties you might have.

Again there are bajillion reasons why, but these are my top four. As you can see having the confidence to go on camera is a skill that any and everyone can use for so many areas of their lives.

If you’re ready to show up more confidently in your job, your media interviews, in your social media content, in the boardroom, in an interview…IN LIFE, then I invite you to sign up for my¬†Better On Camera¬†workshop right now!¬†

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It’s a two-day in-person workshop where I’ll be taking 10 students under my wing to teach them everything they need to know to show up as their whole, beautiful and confident selves when the cameras turn on. And as you read just now, the confidence that comes with having on-camera skills is a life skill.

The Better On Camera workshop happens August 13 and 14. Click this link to see the workshop agenda, what’s included and how you can sign up. 

4 Reasons You NEED To Be Better On Camera

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