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Influencer Tip: 5 Ways to Ace Your Next Brand Photoshoot

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Jul 15, 2020


As bloggers, influencers, content creators; we already know that beautiful photos are EVERYTHING!

From pics for our personal brand and social media posting to capturing awesome flicks for a brand partnership, photoshoots are a part of the lifeline in these blogger streets. But while your faves may be sporting beautifully curated feeds, just know those gorgeous shots aren’t always easy to come by.

Trust me girl, I know.

I can’t tell you how many times I jumped up and instantly decided that I wanted to take some pics and how tragically it turned out; nothing planned, off the cuff, no real ideas for what I wanted…a mess! So much goes wrong on a photoshoot that’s properly planned, imagine the drama that ensues at the haphazard ones where nothing was thought out. Whew!

After many failed attempts, wasted outfits and unnecessary makeup sessions, I finally figured out that properly planning out my photoshoots is the way to go. So I want to share…

The top five tips that have helped me ace my most recent photoshoots

Tip # 1: Plan ahead…plan way ahead!

Planning ahead saves so much time and energy on photoshoots. Taking the time to sit and write out your ideas for the shoot really helps to eliminate the guesswork on site. Jot down the purpose of the shoot, your vision for the images, what exactly you want and the story you’d like to tell. You can even
create a mood board to visually bring your idea to life.

photoshoot mood board
The mood board I sent to my photographer and makeup artist for my e-book photoshoot.
The end result.

You can purchase this e-book here! I share the tips that helped me pitch and get my works published on, Forbes Travel Guide, XONecole and Travel Noire!

Tip #2: Scout your location

Location, location, location! Where’s the shoot gonna be, what time of day would give you the best lighting; is this location accessible? Do you need permission to use this location? How long does it take to get there? How long is it going to take your photographer to get there? What if you forget something at home? Familiarizing yourself with your location really helps on the day of the shoot and eliminates one more problem. Pro tip: plan your photoshoots (if you can) to coincide with travel, your stay at a beautiful hotel or location or an outing. This is what I did in the photos below. The first was outside my hotel during a trip to Atlanta in 2019 and the other is outside my hotel room at the Rosewood during my wedding anniversary getaway.

brandng photoshoot

Tip #3: Choose your look(s)

Aesthetics are everything, so choosing my look is my fave part of planning my shoots. From the outfit to the accessories, my shoes, lipstick and even my poses; yes girl. Photoshoots are also a great source of content that you can use for weeks, months and even years, so be sure to choose looks you don’t mind seeing again and again. Shopping for my looks (in my closet, online or in a store) pumps me up and puts me in the mood to ace my shoot! Plus, who doesn’t like trying on clothes?

Tip #4: Remember the brand/item

As I mentioned earlier, photoshoots can get pretty overwhelming and it’s easy to forget the reason you’re there in the first place. Be sure to properly promote the brand you’ve partnered with by capturing images that fit both your styles, mantras and aesthetics. If you’re shooting personal branding images, be sure to capture you in your best light and the get pics that speak to your brand and audience. Give them the smile they’re used to seeing.

how to do a brand photoshoot

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Tip #5: Be natural, have fun

Don’y psyche yourself out! You’re here for a reason. The most important thing to remember is, have fun on your photoshoot! Let your personality shine through, deliver and ace that photoshoot!

Check out this vlog, where I show you how I put these tips to use!

Influencer Tip: 5 Ways to Ace Your Next Brand Photoshoot

  1. Odette says:

    Amazing Tips Girl!!! ; very helpful. I love doing Photography as a hobby. So these tips with photo shoots and mixing it with your content for blogging just PERFECT

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