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4 Tips To Beat Imposter Syndrome & End The Year Strong

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Oct 22, 2021


We’re officially in the last quarter of 2021!

If you’re anything like me, you still have a few items to check off of your to-do list and some more goals to achieve before the year ends. Again, if you’re anything like me, Imposter Syndrome is likely to sneak in and tell you all the reasons you can’t, you shouldn’t and you’re not good enough to get these things done.

For the longest time I’ve wanted to get into coaching, but for an even longer time I talked myself out of it. I was convinced that this was one arena I had no business being in. I told myself I had no teaching skills, nothing of value to offer and that I’d fail at this.

It took me such a long time to get out of my own head and do the thing I told myself I couldn’t do.

I finally mustered up the strength and told Imposter Syndrome to shut the hell up and I finally overcame my fear and jumped head first into the content coaching world.

Trust me, I know for a fact that getting over your doubts and fears is easier said than done. That’s why I wanted to share these four habits I practiced that helped me to beat Imposter Syndrome and go after my goals.

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Look back at your wins

One of the things Imposter Syndrome, our doubts and our fears are good at doing is making us forget that we’re winners. It makes us forget that we’ve met challenges head on, we’ve taken on tasks that were hard and we came out on top. Making a physical list of some of my accomplishments and literally sitting in those wins, gave me the momentum I needed to go after what I wanted.

Bask in the positivity

Your tribe is constantly telling you how dope you are, even when you don’t think you are. We have so much love, good energy and positive vibes flowing our way daily, sometimes taking the time to lean into it can make a big difference. When I looked back through my messages and DMs and emails, my tribe was telling me that they wanted me to coach them! I took an entire day compiled and read those messages and that really boosted my confidence and let me know that people were waiting on me to serve them.

Do what you think you can’t do

The easiest way to do something is to just do it. Unfortunately Imposter Syndrome and procrastination go hand in hand and the “I can’t do this” spirit typically leads to us sitting on our hands and not doing the work. The trick is to be scared, but do it anyway. One task, one call, one word written, one paint stroke, one step is all it takes to get started. Before you know it, you would’ve completed the one thing you think you couldn’t. The hard, but necessary part is actually working through the negativity. While you’re head is saying you’ll fail, you’ll prove yourself wrong by doing the work everyday. Be scared but do it anyway.

Remind yourself who TF you are

You are THAT GIRL, and don’t you ever forget it! Doubt might creep in, fear could consume you but you can do whatever you put your mind to. Whether through daily affirmations, looking myself in the mirror and hyping me up, prayer and attracting positive energy to me, I do the work to beat Imposter Syndrome and remind myself who I am, what I’ve accomplished and that if I keep going, I’ll achieve even more!

We all fall in a space where we sometimes feel trapped by our own negative thoughts, the fear of doing something new or even the doubt that creeps in even when we’re doing something we know we’re good at. If the clock is ticking and you still have some things left on your 2021 to-do list, I say go for it! Go for it with your whole heart and don’t let you stop you!

I finally went for it and launched my first online course, the LitFluential Content Workshop where I teach what I know: how to consistently create engaging content for your brand or business! I was scared, but I did it anyway!

4 Tips To Beat Imposter Syndrome & End The Year Strong

  1. Ominique says:

    Yup! Mm hmm! All of this Ianthia! I have definitely been struggling with lots of doubt and started to feel frustrated about not accomplishing my goals as yet. But ma’am no more! This post was lit thank you for the extra pep and push!

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