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8 Reasons To Sign Up For That Workshop Or Conference You’re Eyeing!

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Jul 6, 2021


I remember hitting the “purchase” button for the ticket to attend my very first blogger conference.

I was at my sister’s house explaining to her how I was ready to invest more in my craft, learn from the vets in the game and surround myself with other bloggers who were looking to grow and make it. I pulled up the website, showed her the speakers who would be there and the all the goodies they had in store.

The more I shared with her, the more I realized I just had to be there.

It had been three years since I quit my job to blog full-time. I was landing small partnerships here and there and my website was slowly growing an audience. I was pretty consistent with putting out content, but I just felt like something was missing.

I needed some more insight, I needed direction, I wanted to know and learn the tricks, tips and gems of other bloggers I was admiring. I wanted to be on their level.

It was mid-October when I jetted off to Miami to attend the Blogalicious conference, my first blogger conference.


Several years later, the same excited, ready-to-learn emotions emerged as we drove down a highway in Toronto, Canada telling how I would be leaving them right after my brother’s graduation to attend the Summit 21 conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

At this point, I had five years of blogging under my belt, had landed even bigger brand deals, had a larger audience and I was ready for the next level! From meeting Essence Atkins and Morgan DeBaun (my idol!) to even chatting briefly with blogger OG Mattie James; to finally have to face-to-face meet-ups with some of my followers and getting to hear Ms. Tina Lawson (Yes, Beyonce’s mom!) speak; I had an amazing time!

Read this article I wrote for the 21Ninety site about my experience at the summit!

blogger conference workshop tina lawson summit 21
blogger conference workshop  morgan debaun summit 21
blogger conference workshop  mattie james summit 21

For the past 7 years I’ve been blogging full-time and with this now being my bread and butter, I’m always anxious to find new ways to grow, expand and monetize. I constantly sign up for webinars and online conferences and workshops, join live chats, in-person events and groups just to stay in the know.

And every time I enter the room, virtual or not, I immediately know, I made the right choice. The sessions were amazing, the information shared was invaluable, the connections made were unforgettable!

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Here are 10 Reasons to Sign Up for the Next Conference or Workshop 

1. Face value is everything – Getting from behind the computer screen and, being in the presence of likeminded individuals and exchanging stories does wonders for your brand. Sometimes people want to connect a face to the name…or Instagram handle. Follow mine here! 

2. The networking is LIT! – I met soooooo many amazing people at these conference! Some who I’d already been following and others I never knew existed. We got the ball rolling on collaborations, planning events and shared contacts. I literally exchanged cards with the publicist at Walt Disney World at the Blogalicious conference! 

3. Humanise your brand – Nothing brings more life to your work, what you do, what your brand stands for than you. The more events you attend, the more you get out of the office, the more people see you, the more they will buy into you, your brand and whatever it is you’re selling.

4. Grow your following – Yes! The IG, Twitter and Facebook handles come out of the woodworks! People want to connect and keep up with you and what better way to do so? If you’re struggling to grow your brand, attending an industry event is a great way to direct more followers to your platforms.

5. Access to incredible speakers – Usually you’d have to pay big bucks, individually, for the advice the speakers dish out at conferences and summits. But with all of them in one place, you’re exposed to a wealth of knowledge and insight you probably wont ever get again. Grab a pen and a pad and take notes!

6. Travel opportunity – Perhaps my favorite part! Yes, the travel part! While the conference itself sets you up for some fun and exploration, getting to and from adds another layer of awesome to the journey! Also, it helps you to get away from your usual views and scenes for a while and visit a place you’ve never seen before or reconnect with an old love.

7. Get your learn on – The gems are endless at conferences that are rich with diversity, backgrounds, industries and people! You can literally learn something from everyone and also teach a few of your own tricks.

8. Get inspired – We all reach a plateau in our careers sometimes, it happens. But for me Blogalicious 9 was that injection of new blood I needed to start afresh. Seeing so may people in your field bring new things to the table, pushes you to do the same.

For every blogger event and workshop I’ve attended, it felt good being there, I felt welcomed, seen and a part of a community. For each person I exchanged cards with, spoke to, each session I attended, helped me to realize that attending a conference or workshop at least once, can change your life. The tools I walked away with that have helped to build my brand, help me become a better blogger and influencer and that have helped me to consistently monetize my craft are mine forever. When an environment is designed to nurture your personal and professional development; one single thing that’s said, one “silly” question that’s asked can be life changing!

I know the immense value attending workshops like these can bring so that’s why I’m actually hosting my very own, very first workshop this month; the LitFluential Summer Workshop and Content Planning Party! Email for more info and to secure your spot!

blogger conference workshop
blogger conference workshop

8 Reasons To Sign Up For That Workshop Or Conference You’re Eyeing!

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