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Inside My First Ashiatsu Massage: She Used Her Toes!



Jun 22, 2021


Ok! I know how this title sounds, so let’s jump right into why this blog sounds like it’s a freaky deeky late night movie.

Last week, I had the best massage I’ve had in a very long time and the masseuse never once used her hands! During a virtual event last year, I won a gift certificate to receive an Ashiatsu massage. I had absolutely no idea what it was, so before I booked my appointment, I Googled it and learned that in this particular massage, a trained therapist massages you with their feet! Yes, their toes, heels, balls and soles are used to help you relax.

Walking into the appointment, I had no clue what to expect. Even though I’d seen videos and photos of how the Ashiatsu massage takes places, it’s not everyday I let a grown a$$ woman literally walk all over me, so I was very intrigued at how this would all play out.

I arrived at Rhoda Hanna Physiotherapy about 10 minutes before my appointment and sat in my car to collect my thoughts. Toni, the masseuse, greeted me at the door and walked me to the dimly lit room where she’d be working her magic. She asked my music preference, left the room and I disrobed and plopped onto the table.

A few minutes later she returned with Mariah Carey crooning through the iPad speakers. My request.

I NEEDED this massage!

The last time I’d had one, was in 2019 during my one year wedding anniversary staycation. Since then, I’d given been pregnant, given birth, had surgery, endured a lingering pandemic and restarted my Crossfit journey.

I NEEDED this massage!

ashiatsu massage
ashiatsu massage

Toni prepped by cleansing and sanitizing her feet and then moisturizing them. The massage started with me lying on my back. Toni propped up on the bed and used the balance beams bolted to the ceiling to position herself.

I wont lie, it was hella weird having someone rub their feet and toes all over my arms and hands, but the more Toni worked, the more feet started to feel like hands and toes were confused for fingers. Once you get over the initial shock, relaxation really sets in.

She explained that the Ashiatsu massage allows for a deeper, more intense experience; relieving tension, applying more pressure, getting rid of achy kinks and cracks; and I felt all of it.

The stress was melting away each time her pinky toe touched my skin. and her big toe applied pressure to my bones.

I was so impressed at how she didn’t miss a spot; my inner thighs, my glutes, the back of my head, ears and neck, my sides, between my fingers…not one spot was missed! Toni used her toes, heels and expert positioning on the bars and a stool to massage every single part of my body.

Toni weighs 120 pounds. I know because I asked her. It’ amazing how the weight felt like a welcomed ton of bricks as she massaged my back, while also feeling like a pair of tender hands when she got my shoulders. I really needed that massage and my body was thanking me when we were done.

It was indeed a weird experience, but a necessary one.

The hands can only do so much in a massage, but as I’ve experienced; having someone mount the entire weight of their body on yours by standing on it, is where the real relaxation is.

Since my birthday and Christmas in December, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and just because, I’ve racked up quite a number of gift certificates; this is the one I’m happy I didn’t let go to waste.

It’s safe to say, this is not the last time a let grown a$$ woman walk all over me! I’ll definitely be back!

ashiatsu massage
ashiatsu massage

Inside My First Ashiatsu Massage: She Used Her Toes!

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