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A P*tch Gotta Do What a P*tch Gotta Do!

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Apr 23, 2019


For the longest time I’ve tweeted, posted, captioned and…nearly cried about wanting to write for ESSENCE Magazine, wanting to contribute to XONEcole and wanting to see my byline on websites that reached the four corners of the earth. In all honesty, I think I dreamed this into being.

So here’s the tea…or coffee! Being a freelance writer, or freelance anything is hard! Trust me, I know! It takes a whole lot of nerves to pitch yourself to potential partners and clients but it’s the only way we survive…and pitching is hard!

In fact, pitching is intimidating and scary as hell. But after several successful pitches and building a brand as a writer, where people started seeking me out, I wanted to share the goodies with you!

That’s why I wrote my second e-book #PitchSayWhat where I’m sharing the tips that landed me writing gigs with ESSENCE, XONecole, SHEEN Magazine, Forbes Travel Guide and Travel Noire.

#PitchSayWhat is a fun and quick read that explains how I was able to pitch, get picked and get paid by these publications! If you’re a creative of any kind;

✔️Graphic artist
✔️Event planner 

…or if you have a product you want to see on shelves and looking to land your dream gig; then this book is for you!

Click here to pre-order your digital copy of #PitchSayWhat which drops May 1!!

Watch this to learn more!

A P*tch Gotta Do What a P*tch Gotta Do!

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