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Buy in Bulk: My Latest Beauty Haul!



Feb 14, 2021


good molecules black girl sunscreen konny baby
good molecules black girl sunscreen konny baby
good molecules black girl sunscreen konny baby
good molecules black girl sunscreen konny baby

I can admit it: I’m a skin care, beauty product hoarder! I absolutely love trying new products testing out new colors and finding what works for my skin. And when I find what I love, I buy in bulk!

I recently got a shipment of my latest buys and knew I had to share the goodies with you! Also, being a #Caribbeanblogger means shopping in bulk is a must. Since we can’t easily pop into Sephora or Ulta and pick up our items, we have to order online, ship them in and go through expensive and arduous courier services; so shopping in bulk is the way to go.

Here are the products I recently got! Be sure to click the links in this piece to cop the items mentioned here!

Good Molecules

A few months back, I got an email from the Good Molecules skin care line offering to send me product to test out. I tried it and loved it and went crazy shopping on their website. Their soap-free cleansing bar was so good and gave my face a real good clean, so I got three more! I love me a good foaming face wash and theirs looked enticing, so I got three of those too! And then I saw this very interesting looking exfoliator on their site; it’s a pineapple based one, but instead of it being in a creamy thick texture, it comes as a powder that you shake into your palms, add water and then lather on your skin! I copped one because the detail and thought behind the product alone made me wanna buy! I also got a bottle of skin oil because I love to luxuriate my skin at nighttime. I’ve been using Good Molecules for several months now and I must say, I love the product, how it cleans my skin and how affordable it is!

Black Girl Sunscreen

Yes, Black girls do need sunscreen! Honestly, I was one of those people who didn’t wear sunscreen everyday or relied on the little that was in my moisturizers to do the job. It wasn’t until I was introduced to Black Girl Sunscreen in 2018 that I made it a part of my everyday skincare routine. Not only is this product formulated for melanated skin; it doesn’t leave that white chalky residue, it’s the perfect base for applying makeup and I seriously see my hyperpigmentation slowly clearing up. Dermatologists would tell you that exposure to the sun makes dark marks darker, but this sunscreen protects against that and overtime helps to lighten those darks marks. I am a witness! That’s why when a family member told me they were travelling to Florida, I put in my order for four bottles of BGSS! I’m ready for whatever the sun tries to bring my way!

Konny Mommy Loungewear

If you follow me on Instagram then you’d know I’m obsessed with the Konny baby products. From the baby wraps to the bibs, their products are so amazing and practical. One day while browsing their website, I learned that they also make clothing for moms that beautifully cater to our postpartum needs and bodies. I talk about it a lot on my IG; dressing and loving a postpartum, post-surgery body is hard some days, so when I came across Konny’s carefully designed pieces, I went shopping! This two-piece set comes in several colors, but I opted for this oh so warm, and oh so beautiful cocoa colored one that hides what need to be hidden while simultaneously making me beautiful and sexy. I’m wearing it in these photos and have worn it several times now and they hit the nail on the head with the design and fit. I also ordered my third Konny baby wrap, in this “match with everything” black and white grid print!

For some, feeling safe means having a certain amount of money in the bank, or filling their car up with gas; for me, it’s knowing I have all my beauty and skin care products in stock and in bulk!

Buy in Bulk: My Latest Beauty Haul!

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