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Baby’s First Passport + 3 Ways We’re Prepping to Travel Again



Feb 7, 2021


When I was pregnant with Faren, I dreamed of the days we’d travel together; the trips we’d take, the things we’d see, the foods we try, the mommy and me photoshoots; oh the places we’d go! I knew I wanted to introduce her to the jet set life very early on. It’s one of the gifts my parents gave me as a child and one I knew I had to pass on to my daughter.

This week we we picked up Faren’s very first passport!

That was such a proud “MOM”ent for me because we’re one step closer to giving her the gift of travel, the gift of adventure and the gift of exploring this great, grand world.

It’s almost tradition in my family that kids get their passport before their first birthday. In my family, travel is what we do and exposure to new cultures, new people and new experiences is a must.

And if you’d ask me, I’d say travel is already in her. I was five months pregnant when I hopped several flights and took my baby moon in Ghana. Tucked away in my womb, was the girl child who, didn’t even know it at the time, was learning to see the world, learning not to be afraid of far away places, learning that travel is one of the best teachers and that an eight hour flight is nothing to sit through! For me, taking her to the Motherland as her “first” trip was epic and prophetic.

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baby's first passport
baby's first passport
baby's first passport

With the way things are going now, we have no clue when we’ll travel again, but we’re using the down time to prep for when we feel comfortable getting on a plane again. I’d say my husband and I are travel pros, having explored, Thailand, Brazil, Morocco, Barcelona and so many other amazing places. But, we’ve never done this with a baby in tow, so being properly prepared is more important than ever.

3 Ways We’re Prepping To Travel With Baby

baby's first passport
  • Ensuring all documents are up-to-date and stored away Not only did we get Faren’s passport, but I also applied for a new one after the old one got damaged on the way home from Ghana. Don’t risk being turned away because of damaged, out of date or incorrect documents.
  • Researching kid-friendly locations – We love a good adventure-filled trip; but I think for our first bout, we’re going to opt for something a little low key and kid-friendly. Short flights, not-so-busy locations and warm weather are top on the list; seems like we’ll be heading to a Bahamian Family Island first!
  • Keeping up with COVID-19 news – We know that things are changing fast and countries are opening and closing every day; COVID numbers are rising (and falling in some places) and vaccines are now being distributed. We’re keeping a close eye on locations we’re interested in to see which ones are safest and doing a good job at keeping the pandemic at bay and what they require to enter.

Despite the uncertainty with travelling at the moment, whenever the time comes to book flights and get our passports tatted, The Fergusons will be ready! Stamps on stamps on stamps!


Baby’s First Passport + 3 Ways We’re Prepping to Travel Again

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