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Coach, Host and Influence: A VERY Busy Weekend!

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Apr 5, 2023


Have you ever worked so hard one day that the next morning felt like you had a hangover? This is how I felt on Monday morning after a very busy weekend. Whew!

The funny part is, back in the day I could easily bounce back from a hectic weekend and be ready to go again within hours! At my big age, I now need a total of three business days and a PTO to recover.

The Boardroom Business Workshop

The weekend started off with me attending a coaching workshop with my group The Boardroom. It’s spearheaded by business coach Keshelle Davis. We usually meet weekly and virtually, so I was super happy for this in-person setting. The group is made up of dynamic women entrepreneurs who are so supportive and helpful. Keshelle coaches us to crafting and selling offers to our audiences.

Brunch at Marcus

I got a special invite to attend a champagne brunch event at Marcus at the Baha Mar hotel, and I thoroughly enjoyed! The vibes, the mood, the atmosphere, the food, the music…ugh! Everything was to perfection! Click here to see more from brunch!

Hosting the Legacy Couch

Right after brunch I quickly changed my clothes and dashed to the site of the Dame Doris Johnson National Women’s Unity March and Concert where I hosted the Legacy Couch. There I interviewed trailblazing Bahamian women like the first female deputy prime minister and the first woman to register to vote in the country. Click here to see the other pioneers who joined me on the Legacy Couch.

Safe to say the weekend was one for the books!

Coach, Host and Influence: A VERY Busy Weekend!

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