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Coloring Costa Rica!



Sep 14, 2018


The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love colour the most.” -John Ruskin

For me, travel = color! In addition to hunting for the best foods, amazing views and heart stopping adventures on my trips, I’m on a constant hunt for the vibrant blues, mellow yellows, raging reds and jungle greens that add life and vibrant fun to any location. And sometimes, it’s no Instagram-famous, influencer approved location that I’m searching for either; sometimes you can find all the color you need through a little corner opposite a pizza joint that’s super lowkey and underrared and serving the most amazing slices of pie you’ve ever bit into…but I digress!

Traveling with my husband over the past four years has been absolutely amazing, and for each location, each trip, each stop, we find time to have a photo shoot that sums up the feel, mood and vibe of the trip. A short walk away from the Hotel Grano Del Oro where we stayed in Costa Rica was this beautifully designed mural. We passed it a few times and instantly knew this was the perfect spot for the shoot…and I had the perfect outfit!

Let me just admit that the shoes I had on were not meant for this shoot, I was just too lazy to change them lol!

The spot was right at the T-junction and at a stop light; the honks, horns and “ay, mami!” screams were endless, but I had a job to do and pretended to be in an episode of America’s Next Top Model and strutted my stuff in the midst of the mayhem!

Though the calendar says summer is one and done, finding a burst of color somewhere could definitely rewind time, if only for an hour.

Check out these shots from the time I colored Costa Rica!

Costa rica

Location: San Jose, Costa Rica  

Outfit: LSD Couture

Shoes: Steve Madden 

Photographer: Farreno Ferguson 


Coloring Costa Rica!

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