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Dancing: The Missing Ingredient



Mar 29, 2022


I remember it as clear as day: Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday night, Sunday night and sometimes on a Monday night; I’d be out to some club or lounge with my friends dancing to my heart’s content.

I absolutely love to dance. But over the last few years, it seems to be one of the things I’ve done the least of. That is, until about two weeks ago when my sister and I had a last minute change of heart to attend a friend’s birthday party.

I’d just gotten my hair done that day and had planned to keep my curls for at least a week. But as I’d soon learn, I was about to quench a years’ long thirst for dancing, for moving like no one was watching and even if they were, I’d dance harder. Soon those curls would be the last thing on my mind.

Dancing is said to be good for you mentally, physically and emotionally and I remembered that that night. I danced like nobody’s business, to reggae, to soca, to hip hop, to R&B, to every beat that ricocheted through those speakers. I danced like my worries and stress didn’t exist, like I didn’t have a million things to do the next day, like I didn’t have to be up early to take my daughter to the zoo. Thankfully, we made it.

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Now I remember how I stayed in shape all those years ago: I went out dancing in the clubs at least four times a week. Bahama Joes, Charlie’s, Cocktails and Dreams, Fluid, Blue Note…whew! I used to party!!

And that night I danced like I did in my 20’s.
That night I danced out my fresh curls.
That night I danced like no one was watching.
That night I danced like the rent was due.
That night I danced so much, my watch even recorded it as a workout.

That night I danced like dancing was my missing ingredient, and truth be told, it was.

I needed that night. I needed to dance.

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Dancing: The Missing Ingredient

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