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What I did in February: Got Addicted to Wordle + Went “Viral” on Tik Tok!



Mar 2, 2022


Whew! This year is flying by! How is it already March? I’m not complaining though, because springtime is my second favorite time of the year, after fall and Thanksgiving and Christmas.

February was indeed a whirlwind and I can’t believe I packed so much into one month. After easing my way into January by taking it kinda slow, February was a great month for me creatively and gave me the opportunity to work on some projects I have in the pipelines. Between that, client work, family and me time, last month was beautiful.

So here’s what I did in February.

Launched my client’s first online course – After publishing my first two online courses; The Litfluential Content Workshop and the YouTube Money Map, someone in the crypto space reached out to me for a turn-key solution to getting her cryptocurrency course up and running! I was like, “Ummm, this isn’t a service I provide right now but let’s figure it out!” And we did! Three months of planning, strategizing, on boarding, shooting, producing and editing and finally we brought her Keys to Crypto online course to life. Before the video lessons were even shot, we opened presales for the course and in less than a week she made more than $1,500 and the course is still doing BIG numbers today binging in a consistent 4-figures a week.

Developed a high ticket service – This experience producing, editing and launching her course really proved how lucrative this one-on-one, done-for-you service is so I carved out some time and developed it into a high ticket offer for anyone wanting to finally get their online course up and running and make money in their sleep. If you’re a pro at something and have been wanting to put it on autopilot in the form of an online course, I can help! If you have a curriculum (if not, I have the perfect person to help you), know your target audience, looking for someone to professionally produce, record and edit your course lessons; if you are READY TO RECORD message me and let’s get to chatting! I have two online courses up so far and I can tell you it feels great waking up to an email saying “someone just purchased your course!” This is what making money in your sleep feels like!

Got addicted to Wordle – I won the Spelling Bee in my school district two consecutive years. I toted the largest scramble word books to school to solve at lunch time. I’m a lover of words. So it was only fitting that I jump on the Wordle trend. Anything that has anything to do with words and stimulates my brain, you can count me in. At first I was confused as to how the game works but once I got the hang of it, it was on and poppin’! No blank piece of paper, no book, no receipt is safe when I’m solving a word and refuse to lose. I love taking the letter clues and writing them down to help me. It’s gotten so bad that I sometimes stay up until midnight to solve the new word…because I just can’t wait!

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february wordle tik tok

I lost 8 pounds – Yay me! Those 6am gym sessions I started last month are certainly paying off. While I went to the doctor to check on a sprained shoulder, I heard nothing they said after the nurse read off my current weight and I realized I’d lost almost 10 pounds since January! Not much more to say here, except, my March membership has been renewed!

Went “viral” on TikTok – For the longest time I just could not get the hang of TikTok. I would post to my account every other month and I barely opened the app. But one day, someone asked a question about Bahamians being able to monetize their channels and I responded with a video explaining how it’s possible. My followers literally grew from 735 to 1,500 within 48 hours. I was so surprised to see so many Bahamians interested in the topic and seeking help on how to access money they made on their YouTube channel! I was even more thrilled when I realized that this is a new avenue for me to push my lessons, products and services! My account is still growing almost three weeks later, with more followers, more engagement and from me…more TikTok content! Click here to follow me!

Now that it’s March I’m looking forward to all this month has to bring!

What I did in February: Got Addicted to Wordle + Went “Viral” on Tik Tok!

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