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DIY: How I Made My Angelic Halo

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Aug 15, 2018


Weeks later and I’m still loving on my wedding shower halo!

I briefly touched on the inspiration for the whole halo look in this blog recapping whole amazing garden chic wedding shower, but I wanted to double back and break down exactly how I brought this angelic look to life and give you a DIY tutorial.


As mentioned in the original blog, I fell absolutely head over heels in love with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s Met Gala look. The ethereal golden goddess ensemble was topped by this amazing gold metallic halo that stole the show. It’s so simple, so chic, but literally makes her look as if she descended from the heavens to grace us with her presence. This is my kinda style: daring, different and edgy. I researched this halo for weeks because I knew I wanted to wear this at our wedding shower.

Not much was made known about Rosie’s halo though, leaving me to figure that ish out myself.

I was estatic when I found this 14-inch gold metallic circle and I thought I hit the jackpot! I bought four plastic hair combs and glued them to the ring but the weight was too much and it kept dropping.

I then removed the combs and reattached them with this thin gold wire I’d bought. Still too heavy. Come to find out (on the day of and in a panic that I wouldn’t get my halo), that thin little gold wire was all I needed! I literally made my halo in five minutes! Here’s how!


  • Scissors
  • 10 yard gold colored copper wire
  • bobby pins (to match hair color)

Cut a 12-inch piece of the gold wire

Bend the two ends to form a complete circle

Take a shorter piece of wire and bind the ends of the 12-inch piece together

Wrap until both ends are secured

Hold halo at desired spot in hair and randomly pin in place with bobby pins. I used about 15-20 to get my halo to hold steadily in my hair.

Use hands to shape halo to perfect circle or until you’re happy 🙂

And like magic you’ve got yourself an amazing halo to prove that you’re really an angel! While this halo was much thinner and smaller than I originally wanted, it was just perfect! It was so thin and gentle it’s barely there look was almost like an illusion.

I got so many compliments on my halo I can’t wait to wear it again!

Is this something you’ll try? If so I wanna see your pics, tag me on Instagram! 

DIY: How I Made My Angelic Halo

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