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3 Tips For Stress-Free Honeymoon Planning

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Jul 31, 2018


Finally, the honeymoon is planned out!

And while I was a little indecisive in choosing exactly where I wanted to go (yes, I got to choose!), I think I’ve finally put together an amazing little itinerary for hubby (soon to be) and I! Wedding day is right around the corner and every time someone asks me if I’m ready, I simply tell them that I’m looking forward to the first kiss, the after party and the honeymoon!

No spilling the tea yet on where we’d be headed in a few weeks, but scouting, planning and booking with my Going Places Travel advisor was super easy, fun and stress-free! 

Trying to plan a wedding, making arrangements for the honeymoon and outfitting your new marital time simultaneously could take a toll on anyone.

Here are my top 3 tips for stress-free honeymoon planning 

1. Start early, VERY EARLY!

Trust me, the months, weeks and especially days leading up to your wedding will be intense! After it’s all said and done, all you’ll want to do is get away! I just want to get away! Planning your honeymoon well in advance of the meetings, venue walk throughs, dress fittings (or having to find an emergency dress because your designer bails 6 weeks before the wedding…I’ll tell you about that later!), band practices, editing the programs, designing the new cabinets, sorting through the “exchange” pile from the wedding shower, perfectly seating all guests etc. etc. etc. is crucial to staying stress-free during the process. Literally before you plan the wedding choose the location, research things to do and book it! Booking early also helps to get you the best rates on flights, hotels and accommodations. Get it out of the way as it literally will be the only thing to bring you back to sanity after the wedding mayhem…good mayhem, but mayhem nonetheless!

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2. Use a travel agent, a Going Places Travel agent

Your honeymoon will be one of the most important and definitely most romantic trips you’ll ever take, so don’t leave anything to chance! I of course signed out of my Expedia account and connected with my Going Places Travel advisor for this one, because I wanted to curate a real memorable experience and speak to actual human beings who’ve visited our location(s) and can share stories and experiences…yea, Expedia can’t do that! Booking through my Going Places Travel advisor also gained me access promotions, savings and deals using their connections and partnerships to certain vendors. They have all the travel tea!

3. Don’t plan with #travelgoals in mind

Everyone’s Instagram is loaded with travel pics and videos in exotic places all around the world. Yes, it’s natural to be inspired by these visuals, but don’t feel pressured to attain these same milestones. If Morocco, Greece or Iceland aren’t in your budget or were never even on your travel bucket list, then don’t go! Let your honeymoon be a personalized, romantically curated travel affair between you and the love of your life! Find out where he’s always wanted to go, ask her what country she’s always dreamed of being kissed in…see where I’m going here? Your honeymoon, like your wedding should be an intimate, personal event with only the two of you in mind and those, my friend, are real #travelgoals!

Check out my Honeymoon VLOG below! 

Planning a honeymoon or baecation? What other tips would you add to this list? 

3 Tips For Stress-Free Honeymoon Planning

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