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Feeling Defeated? Here’s The One Thing Your Closed Doors and Opened Doors Have in Common…

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Jul 31, 2019


What’s that thing they say about closed doors?

Something about when one closes another one opens? And they’re right! Working as an entrepreneur in the blogger/influencer space is literally like being on a never-ending see-saw; the ups and downs that come with it could really make you nauseous.

I’ve been blessed throughout my career to land some amazing brand partnerships with companies I genuinely love and support. But as life would have it, I’ve also lost some of them.

From landing amazing partnerships to getting the, “it’s not you, it’s us” email when the collaboration fizzles, it’s clear that the industry I’m in is fickle and relationships come to an end. From tirelessly pitching the same company with no reply to getting an inquiry from another one, then sending the quote but never getting an answer…this sh*t is tough!

There’s one thing I have learned during five straight years of being in this gruelling industry though, it’s that…

Hinges move to close a door as well as they move to open a door. While I love to cut my eye at the ones that closed my doors, I have to remember that at one time they opened those very same doors. The cool thing is, while partnerships and brand collabs and…hinges change, I don’t.

The same enthusiasm, drive, determination, perserverance, ambition that I possessed when the doors were opening, I still possess even as their closing. And if these characteristics were good enough to open doors then, they’ll do the same now!

It’s easy to get caught up in the many doors that close in our face while others are begging us to push them open. But, I know all too well, when you’re caught up in defeat it’s easy to forget the dream! Walk towards those doors, bang on them and waltz in! Because it’s true what they say, when one door closes another one opens…always!

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See pic of me waltzing towards my doors for inspo:

embracing closed doors

What doors are you pushing open next?!

Feeling Defeated? Here’s The One Thing Your Closed Doors and Opened Doors Have in Common…

  1. keatlaretswe says:

    Thank you for sharing this. We always hold on to the door that God has closed instead of enjoying the time we had and look forward to the future.

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