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Can’t Choose a Country? Pick a Landmark and Just Go!



Jul 22, 2019


Location frustration is very real in these travel blogger streets! Trying to choose where to go on vacation is a hard task and I get the question often;

Where to next?!

And for some reason I always feel a tinge of guilt when I don’t have an answer readily available. Being a travel writer I guess I’m supposed to always be armed with an itinerary and a suitcase in the trunk. But choosing my next travel destination is literally one of those tough life decisions I constantly have to make.

Side part or middle part? Pink nail polish or a clean white finish? Ruby Woo lips or a subtle gloss finish? (And yes! These are tough life decisions.) Ghana or Australia? Many times I’ve travelled to a city, it was because I fell in love with the images, photos, stories of some amazing landmarks I saw; buildings and structures and staircases; small cities and mosques; palaces and cathedrals that screamed my name and made me book the ticket!

Here are My Top 10 Absolute Fave Landmarks Around The World

…in no particular order

Chefchaouen; The Blue Pearl of Morocco

chefchaouen travel landmark attraction

I wont even lie, Instagram made me do it! We were in the midst of planning our annual New Year’s Eve trip and we were headed to Barcelona. Whenever we travel far we like to go farther and get in at least two countries on a trip. After photos of this blue city in Morocco flooded my timeline, I just knew I had to see it in person.

Read this blog and watch the vid about Magical Morocco!

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

dubai abu dhabi travel landmark attraction

In the mystical city of Abu Dhabi is the largest mosque in the country and the key place for prayer and worship. The Grand Mosque is such a sight to behold. I was on my first group trip when our tour day took us here! Watch my dune bashing, camel riding adventure below and see more visuals inside this beauty!

Arc de Triomf

barcelona arc de triomf travel landmark attraction

I first visited Barcelona in 2014 and fell in love with the Arc! It’s such a historical place right in the center of the city and adds a romantic touch to the area. We added to the love in the air when my husband popped the question here on New Year’s Eve 2017! You can actually watch our engagement (he totally tricked me!) below!

Segrada de Familia

Again! Visited the first time in 2014 and never got the chance to go in! On my trip back in 2017 we booked a tour and fell more in love with this historic location. Construction first began on the Segrada de Familia in 1882 and is still under construction to this day. The place is amazing! P.S. I have so many pics from here that I need to post!

The Grand Palace

grand palace bangkok travel landmark attraction

Honestly, I don’t need an excuse to go to Thailand, in fact…I’m ready to go back now! When we got there we decided to hop to a few cities and of course Bangkok had to be one. Once the tickets were booked, I knew I had to see the marvelous Grand Palace. And it was grand! Gold and emeralds, and rubies and sapphires littered the immaculately designed building.

La Mamounia

Another must see in Morocco was La Mamounia! The elaborately built hotel and spa is such a treat to the eyes. I was first drawn to it for the instafamous spa and pool it has, but just my luck it was closed during my visit. Still we stayed on property ordered lunch and toured the grounds. They have the best rose gardens, the biggest orange trees and a peace that just blankets the place.

Escadaria Selaron

Ever since watching Pharrell and Snoop Dogg’s “Beautiful” video, I had dreams of this staircase! So when I was sent on assignment to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to cover the 2016 Summer Olympics, I had to find these stairs! They’re even more beautiful in person. The whole area is a must see!

Check out this blog from Rio!

Christ the Redeemer

Also in Rio the Christ the Redeemer monument is a figure you must set your gaze upon. The journey up to the statue was amazing, but the views at the peak are to die for. Brazil’s most vibrant city lay sprawled at your feet. Trust me, just go and see it!

The White Temple

Whew, chile! Again Thailand came through with the visuals. One of the cities we visited were Chaing Mai were this gorgeous building is located. I came across it when searching up the city and knew I had to get there…it did not disappoint! Again, immaculately done and impeccably designed!

Read the Thailand blog here!

Casco Viejo

Our honeymoon spot! After planning the wedding we wanted something easily accessible and stress-free, so we decided on Panama. I’d read so much about this quaint but vibrant city called Casco Viejo. One of my friends had just gotten back and I was talking her page for the photos. Casco Viejo is a tiny little part of Panama that boasts some amazing restaurants, unique stores and so much color. We literally visited every single day and found something new to do…and eat!

When a city is hard to decide on, opt for a landmark! Always wanted to see the Eiffel Tower? Book that trip to Paris? Been dreaming of the Great Wall? Head to China! Be sure to use an expert advisor from Going Places Travel to help you choose the best location! So…

Where to next?

Can’t Choose a Country? Pick a Landmark and Just Go!

  1. You are so well traveled! I believe you are doing something you won’t regret. The world is your oyster!

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