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Get Over Yourself: It’s Time to Turn Your Insecurities into Invoices

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Jul 15, 2019


There’s a laundry list of things I can’t stand don’t like about myself.

I hate the way my forehead is so big and how the hairline on my temples recede just a tad; I promise you if I were a man I’d have male pattern baldness. I don’t particularly like how my hands look so masculine in photos, taking pics of my fresh manicure is a complete waste and sometimes I really wanna show y’all my bomb new color.

I hate my voice. God, I hate my voice! But ironically, it’s one of the things that has made my career. From hosting TV shows and events, to voicing commercials and operator prompts, my voice has literally been responsible for helping me secure the bag all these years.

When I was a news reporter, I secretly hated how I sounded on TV. Whenever a commercial comes on with my voice, I turn it down if I could or cringe if I can’t. Honestly, I rarely even watch my own shows.

Even though I can’t stand listening to myself, that doesn’t mean that I’m gonna ever ever let that stop me from making a buck.

I tweeted this and then shared it to my Instagram the other day.


Turn your insecurities into invoices, your doubts into deals and your can’ts into a cheque.

There are so many insecurities we all harbour, so many little things we don’t like about ourselves, so we put them on the back burner thinking that because we don’t like them, no one else will either.

But think about what would possibly happen if you stared that insecurity in the face and turned it into a business venture. What would happen if you shook off the doubt and got that project back on schedule, or if you wore your hair down one day, put on the red lipstick you’re afraid to try, wear the crop top you’ve been eyeing, wore the hoop earrings you fear bring too much attention to your face, joined that choir or band, took the class or…took that photo of your fresh manicure.

The possibilities (invoices, deals and checks) are endless!

Talk about insecurities; read this! Yes, I’ve gained wife weight and you can stop mentioning it now!

We’re taught all our lives that insecurity is a bad word and whatever form that comes in, we should hide it. But in the words of the great Missy Elliott, “…flip it and reverse it!” Flip your fears upside down, make your bad bankable and turn your insecurities into invoices!

What insecurity will you be turning into an invoice? Tell me in the comments!

Get Over Yourself: It’s Time to Turn Your Insecurities into Invoices

  1. This is really timely. I’ve been bombarded by similar messages since the beginning of the year, which led me back to blogging. I want to do videos as well but I too hate the sound of my own voice played back. I’m more comfortable being unseen (said the former pageant girl!). But you’re spot on with this. I’ll face my insecurities and give a video a go. I may just be pleasantly surprised.

  2. Sylveta civil says:

    I share that i dislike hearing my own voice as well, especially when i have to speak publicly. People say i become so proper and i hate it. But its that thing i notice that sits me apart and draw people unto me.

    I need to learn to use it!

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