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Hello! I’m Your New Going Places Travel Ambassador!

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Feb 2, 2018


Y’all know I love to travel right?!

So I’m super excited to officially announce my newest role as the Going Places Travel Ambassador!!!!!!


For years I’ve been planning, researching, stalking and stressing over my trips; absorbing all the headache and sleepless nights that sometimes come with travel, when you go at it alone.

Since becoming the new Going Places Travel Ambassador, I’ve teamed up with an expert travel advisor who’s the pilot to my co-pilot! I’ve learned that this company is more than just a travel agency that books cars and hotels, but they offer their clients a full complement of services.

travel ambassador

From visa applications, to travel insurance, some passport services, to finding the best tours and activities, identifying hotel properties that only travel insiders have access to, booking tickets for concerts, shows and games, curating the perfect cruise experience and so much more; connecting with a Going Places Travel advisor is definitely the best travel decision I’ve made.

This partnership is definitely the perfect marry too. You may have seen some previous collaborations our brands have done with my recent trip to Morocco and Spain.

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I also partnered with Going Places Travel for my 2016 trip to Dubai where they sponsored my hotel stay at the amazing Benjamin Hotel during my New York City layover.

Over the years I’ve managed to build amazing relationships with the team, and that’s what I love about working with them. The Going Places Travel team isn’t your regular schmegular travel agency; it literally feels like ordering pizza and calling all your girlfriends over to plan the next group trip!

travel ambassador Trust me, many of the trips you may have seen me enjoying were 10 times easier to plan and enjoy because of my travel fairy godmothers. 🙂

They’re so equipped to help you with every single aspect of your travel needs because they can book reservations on over 420 airlines around the world, have close to 55,000 hotels worldwide to choose from and a big team of experienced and dedicated professionals handling your business in Antigua, Barbados, The Bahamas, Dominica, Grenada, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and The United States. Listen, they’re leaving no travel stones unturned!

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For me this partnership is so important.

As a travel blogger, and now travel ambassador (eek!) I’ve been able to see so much of the world, parts of it that some people only dream of.

And while I want to take you, members of my tribe, on the journey with me each time I travel, I also want to entice you to go out and see some world for yourself! I want you to trek through Europe, or get lost in an Asian jungle, climb mountains throughout the Caribbean and cruise the Mediterranean seas. Believe me when I say Going Places Travel is the place to make all your travel dreams come true.

travel ambassador

When it comes to travel, some people opt to be bystanders and spectators watching a game they think they aren’t allowed to play. But unlike bell bottom jeans, top buns and middle parts (I can’t wear any of these), travel is for everyone!

It’s a fulfilling, therapeutic thing that has taught me so much about myself. It’s opened my eyes to the importance of communication, keeping an open mind to other cultures and people and the art of bartering!

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If there’s one travel tip I can give you today, it would be to connect with a Going Places Travel advisor today!

Tell them I sent ya!

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Do you still use travel agencies to help with your trips? Tell me in the comments below! 

Hello! I’m Your New Going Places Travel Ambassador!

  1. Cardell J says:

    I do not use travel agencies, they do not seem as relevant as they were before, their prices are never the lowest, i find online websites better, the convenience, I can stay up all night and just work on my travel (i love that access), i hardly care for dealing with a personality, the online return policy is great, you can arrange connecting flights and I’m not secure on if they offer the travel agencies offer best travel solutions. I would say i would be inclined to go to a travel agency for a group travel ( one place for everyone to go to is a plus as to avoid the responsibility of others)
    You’re The Bahamian Dora, the explorer, issa love it! Congratulations!!!

    • ianthia says:

      Thanks Cardell! But I thought the same thing about travel agencies, until I found myself in a bind and needed an advisor right away! There are so much fine print we overlook online that a travel advisor addresses right away, especially with those tricky travel insurance, flight rules and regulations and even car vouchers. My travel advisor has shown me how even I, as a travel blogger needed a little more guiding and help. I now have access to amazing hotel properties and flight rates that don’t pop up online. Give it a shot!

  2. Daphne says:

    Congrats! Actually thought you were already an ambassador

  3. Sherelle Wallace says:

    Unfortunately I can’t hire you anytime soon (I earn minimum wage, maintain a big building & property, and struggling to increase inventory in a small business in a depressed economy) but I’m so inspired by your travels. As we have a GOING PLACES office where I frequent, when I eventually walk-in I’ll make sure to let them know I’m there because you’re a great ambassador. God bless with the new gig!

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