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Homemade Donuts



May 2, 2016


My family loves a good party! But when time isn’t on our side, nobody wants to plan or we’re just doggone tired, we still find ways to link up, bond and…eat! From pot lucks to full out gourmet dinners; most of our time spent together is in the kitchen…with forks in our mouths. This time we opted for homemade donuts filled with our favorite fruit centres. Kneading, frying, filling, eating, family! We used guava, vanilla and pineapple filling! Fun times! They were so beautiful and delicious, they deserved their own photoshoot! [bctt tweet=”There’s something so special about Sundays, food and family!” username=”iamianthia”]

We found a quick recipe online…here it is


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Homemade Donuts

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