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Shhhhh…Three Things You Should Always Keep Secret



May 5, 2016


I’m a believer in a good ole jinx and keeping a secret!

I’m not super superstitious, but there are some things, ideas and plans that I think should be left out of the public sphere until they’re concrete, confirmed and cemented.

I don’t know about you, but my mother brought me to the harsh reality that sometimes people pray against you. They listen intently to your dreams, goals and plans and go into the darkest parts of their heart and soul to wish evil on you, to wish that your plans fail and your dreams are killed. The hard part is definitively identifying who these dream killers are. Of course, what’s meant for you will always find you, but why even expose yourself and your dreams to potential negativity and hate?

I’m such a believer in vibes and energy (good and bad) being transferred that I do think sharing your most intimate plans with someone with ill intentions could have negative effects by shaking your confidence, introducing doubt and just pissing you off that someone you trust is being so negative.  [bctt tweet=”You feel it in your bones when someone doesn’t support you. ” username=”iamianthia”] You don’t need that!

Here are a few things worth keeping secret until the time is right:

Travel plans

For me, if I dream someone is plotting against, praying against or wishing I didn’t make a trip I’d go insane. Like, why would you do that? You know I love to travel! Travel plans are near and dear to everyone’s heart, whether it’s a family trip, an all girls getaway or even honeymoon plans. I think the intimate details of these adventures should remain a secret until all systems are go and tickets, rooms and cars are booked! No one wants a hex placed on that Paris getaway!

New projects/Job

Not my coins, honey! DO NOT mess with my coins! There’s a reason Beyonce jealously guards her projects and ventures and a reason we didn’t know about Lemonade until it dropped. Aside from her being a master marketer, I’d imagine it had a lot to do with hunkering down on her project and not having to focus on the noise in the market. I read something that says… [bctt tweet=”People want to see you doing good, but not better than them ” username=”iamianthia”] And I think this is so true! You have to guard and protect your business ventures like a lioness guards her cubs. Protect them from predators, hungry hyenas and…nature! The more you let people in on a plan that’s still so fragile and shaky, the easier it is to poke holes in it.  I’ve actually lived this! Word got out that a former employer wanted to rehire me and the workers there weren’t having it…you can guess what happened from there!

New Boo

“You’re my little secret and that’s how we should keep it.” While the ladies of 90’s R&B group Xscape sang these words about cheating, infidelity and being someone’s mistress…it can also apply to a monogamous relationship. Not because we’re trying to hide it or we’re embarrassed about it but new relationships, I think, should be off limits to the rest of the world. Get to know your partner, get to know yourself a little more, get to know the relationship before you solicit the input of others. Besides, nothing’s worse than introducing someone as your someone too soon and people (directly or indirectly) come at the relationship as if it’s a piñata. Go on dates, travel, take in a movie and some concerts, take pics…but share them months later! I’ve lived this as well! 😉

What are some things you keep under wraps until the time is right? Leave answers in the comment section! 

3 things to keep secret



Shhhhh…Three Things You Should Always Keep Secret

  1. Brit M says:

    I keep my educational plans and goals a secret…i never posted my grades(I’m not dumb, in fact dean’s list every semester). People didn’t know I graduated college until 5months later when I finally posted the pics. I’m off to med school in a few months, I don’t intend on telling the world until my white coat ceremony. Too many ill-wishers roaming around !

  2. Krystal Jones says:

    I’ve truly enjoyed this blog!
    ‘Excitement’ causes us to prematurely announce things, not remembering that most people who say, “I’m happy for you!” (especially family and people we call our friends) are actually saying “I wish it doesn’t work” or “he/she don’t deserve it” A stranger would genuinely be happy for you before your own! The people we really need to keep it from are the ones closest to us. ‘Sad but True’


    I think you should keep ‘EVERYTHING’ under wraps until the time is right! Keep it to yourself!

    • ianthia says:

      Thank you!!!!! I totally agree…i need to add 2 more to the list — emotions and failures — keep them on the hush as well

  3. Robyn says:

    I said ‘Amen’ and “I know right!” after almost every sentence.

    My rule is: keep your highs on the hush until they’re set in stone and keep your lows on the hush until you have gotten over them.

    From love to money to shopping to spirituality to weight loss goals: people will find the negative and in some cases wish for the negative in every segment in your life if they can. Its a sad reality that once faced will make life’s journey pretty sweet!

  4. Jewel says:

    Thank you for this blog. For me, I would encourage wives and brides to be to guard their relationship, wedding plans and life ventures like a hawk. You will be surprised to know (*family*) who are waiting to see something go wrong and cast negativity over your life.

  5. Michaela says:

    This is on point!
    In short, beware of those who don’t clap when you win.
    Major life events, nominations and/or achievements are to be kept on the hush as well!

    • ianthia says:

      Amen! I’d also add, problems with a loved one, sometimes your emotions and moments of weakness and promotions!

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