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Meet Faren! Baby’s 14-Day Photo Diary



Apr 17, 2020


How is she two weeks old already? I could hardly believe the little baby we brought home, what feels like yesterday, is already making faces, smiling in her sleep and screaming at me right on schedule.

It’s official! I’m a mommy and my baby girl is already 14 days old!

I expected many surprises and unexpected events, but I really did not expect the drastic change in Faren’s mannerisms, her moods and especially her physical appearance, in such a short time. I’ve heard the saying, “They grow up so quickly!” But honey, I had no clue babies transform into their little selves right before your eyes.

I don’t even have to tell you about the fifty ‘ leven photos and videos I’ve taken since the nurses handed her to me. I literally took a photo every single day, because she looked like a new baby, a different baby, every single day.

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Faren’s original due date was actually today, April 17. She would’ve shared a birthday with my baby brother Johnathan who turns 20 today, but this little one had plans of her own! To celebrate her hitting the two-week mark in all her feisty, gimme-my-breast-when-I-yell-for-it glory; and to salute to her would’ve-been-bday, I’m sharing some of my favorite candid pics from my phone’s camera roll. Since we’re still social distancing, these are also your peek into some of the daily pics we’ve been sending to our family and friends to keep them updated on all things baby Faren!


Day One

newborn photo diary
I fell in love with those eyes!

Day Two

Day Three

newborn photo diary

Days 8 and 9

Day 10 – Easter Sunday!

newborn photo diary

Days 11 and 12

Day 13

newborn photo diary

Day 14

newborn photo diary

Mommy’s girl is a big girl now!

Meet Faren! Baby’s 14-Day Photo Diary

  1. Raquel Pinder says:

    Awwwwww melts my heart. Thanks for sharing pieces of you through your blog. And thank you for being so open and transparent during your journey.

  2. Raenette says:

    She is soooooo beautiful! Congratulations mom & dad!

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