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Becoming A Mom In The Age Of “The Rona” Is Frightening!

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Mar 31, 2020


Let me just say this: as the world was quickly tossed on its head and yucked up by the COVID-19 pandemic these past few weeks, I’ve never wanted to hug someone I’ve never met so much in my life. Each day I stay at home and practise social distancing, I wish I had this little booger under my arm, lying on my chest or even crying for a diaper change. With so much bad news taking over the media, I wish I had my little one to be that source of innocent comfort. But alas, this baby is on a clock of its own! 38 weeks and counting!

With each passing day the news gets more grim, more deadly and more scary and I’ve been madly Googling “coronavirus and pregnancy” for any updates I should be aware of. And being preggo, prepping to give birth any day now, my head is spinning. Even when we started to pay more attention in The Bahamas as it crept closer to our shores, I tried to hold out hope that someway, somehow, we’d be spared, but the reality was very real and soon we had our first case. Quickly emergency orders were put in place, curfews were set, social distancing was the order of the day and everyone was forced to lockdown in their homes.

I tried my hardest not to blog or even post much about the Coronavirus. For me, writing about a thing brings it to life and it makes it real in my world. But “The Rona” proved it would grab world headlines and as much as I tried to protect my emotional state at nine months pregnant, this virus has swept in, made me pay attention and has robbed us of what were supposed to be some precious moments for our growing family.

A cancelled baby shower, no gifts, no nursery to setup

Since we decided not to find out the baby’s gender we were looking forward to our baby shower for a first chance to celebrate our little one with friends and family! I was in the home stretch of planning the event when these new COVID-19 emergency orders came into play and uprooted everything; no events with more than 10 people, store closures, a curfew; whew, chile, that came like a punch to the gut.

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Even worse, after making payments in full, putting down deposits on vendors and items, shipping things in for the party, sending out invites, fleshing out a cool theme and doing the legwork it pained my heart to know that we were so close. In the interest of everyone’s safety, we of course postponed the event. Still, we didn’t get the chance to get gifts and open them up with the “oohs and ahhs” we’d envisioned. This in turn meant we had to put off setting up our nursery with all the things we were looking forward to getting and purchasing. With the way things are looking, we might just have to throw a six-month old party for baby, cause The Rona looks like it’s lingering!

What’s happening at the hospital?

I choked when I heard the news that a local healthcare provider may have tested positive for COVID-19. Which department do they work in? How many other doctors, nurses, workers have they been in contact with? Would I come into contact with any of them? What about the baby? Listen, my nerves are shot right now and all I could think about is staying safe and Coronavirus free, for me and baby. As of March 30, 2020, 14 confirmed cases were recorded in The Bahamas. But who’s presenting to the hospital with similar symptoms? Who’s being treated for COVID-19 there? I have so many questions and so many fears.

No Visitors Allowed!

Giving birth is such a big family moment, but I’m already prepping my “see attachment for pics” emails and messages to keep our family and friends in the loop on baby’s first few days and weeks (and maybe even months). The hospital has already restructured its visitation rules which pretty much mandates that my family wont be able to visit me there. I decided to go private for the flexible visiting hours and other perks, but alas, The Rona stole that too.

With social distancing still in play home visits will be at the ultimate minimum (if they even exist) too. Based on my last check, I at least will have my husband in the delivery room with me and I really hope that remains the case on labour day. Even now as I’m at home waiting it out and stalking my calendars, I can’t be surrounded by family. Sighs. This is all too saddening to even think about.

Still, we’re grateful; we’re healthy, well fed, have a pillar of support and life! Despite these trying times, I’m still optimistic and looking forward to a healthy baby, a healthy mommy and a healthy family! <3

Becoming A Mom In The Age Of “The Rona” Is Frightening!

  1. Sandokhan Cleare says:

    Excellent Read . It will all be well ,know that you are blessed .

  2. Tara Deveaux says:

    So sadden that you were robbed of some of the excitement that comes along with having a new baby or more specifically having a first child…but I praying that you and your hubster have a joyous and safe delivery!!!

  3. Robertha says:

    Safe delivery. God’s covering over you and your baby.

  4. Gia Stubbs says:

    Praying for a safe and precious delivery for you , baby and your husband. God’s got you. Joyous times are ahead.

  5. Keiani says:

    This was a pure and honest response. I’m so tired of people telling me that I shouldn’t worry but how could I not considering all that’s going on! I’m grateful to my family who continue to encourage me and keep me positive.

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