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My Current Faves: These Shoes, Those Jeans



Mar 20, 2023


Girl, I bought the shoes!! I don’t know the last time a pair of shoes have made me squeal, but my most recent buy had me squealing!

I was browsing the shoe section in a department store recently and it was love at first pointed toe. I am absolutely in love with the Kurt Geiger Belgravia Crystal Bow Velvet Pumps. The svelte design, the luxurious material, the oversized crystal bowl, whew! I knew I had to have them. I was on a business trip so I didn’t have time to try them on and model them on my first visit, but I knew I’d be back.

Several days into my stay, I moseyed back to the mall to claim what was rightfully mine – my new shoes!

I immediately found someone to help me grab the size 8.5 that I needed. It was a perfect fit! It’s not often that shoes that are this sexy, fit so comfortably. The height was just right and there’s even a cushiony support on the inside.

I shared these to my Instagram stories and my followers were like, “Buy those shoes, girl!” Listen I’m so happy I did.

My sister asked me for a list of places I’d wear these shoes as my justification for the “splurge.” And chief among my answers were; hosting a show, one of my workshops and a speaking engagement.

Listen, whatever it costs to look, sound, perform and be better on camera I’m willing to pay! And I wore my new shoes recently and got oh so many compliments!

And then I saw a TikTok that said “skinny jeans are out of style” and I was immediately offended!

But then I caught myself: they were right! During one of my shopping sprints on that trip I also found my new favorite, relaxed, non-skinny jeans. They are so so good!

These are the grown woman jeans I’ve been missing! The brand is “Every” and from the waist, through my hips to my legs, they fit like a dream. They’re described as being “boyfriend jeans” but I love that the shape is so neutral that they pair well with tennis, heels, flats and sandals.

I know because I’ve worn them fifty-‘leven times since I bought them.

Oh, and the best part? They’re now on sale for just $30!

My Current Faves: These Shoes, Those Jeans

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