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Our Garden Chic Wedding Shower + What I Wore

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Jul 14, 2018


34 days to go…

I can’t believe how quickly the time has flown! Two weekends ago our family and friends hosted the cutest, most Instagrammable, Pinterest worthy garden chic wedding shower! I love the fact that we had a wedding shower as opposed to a bridal shower; I was keen on ensuring that my groom-to-be was showered with all the love, attention and gifts as I was.

wedding shower

For me, it was 90% a surprise. My amazing sister planned the whole thing and I begged her to tell me just one detail: the date. I just wanted to know the date. Everything else up until I arrived was a complete surprise, and boy was I impressed and amazed at the love poured into our event.

our wedding shower

our wedding shower

The wedding shower was held on Saturday June 30 at the beautiful 1 Er Cru grounds. The cool grassy area was perfect for our rustic, garden chic theme. Woods, naturals, burlap, whites and lots of greenery stole the show! My sister has great style and knows exactly what I like!

our garden chic wedding shower

garden chic wedding shower

garden chic wedding shower

garden chic wedding shower

The fine details of straw fans, the travel themed injections, personalised cups, napkins and drink stirrers, metallic straws, our cut out initials and handwritten signs all made for a classy, charming and customized event.

our garden chic wedding shower

Globes with our wedding date and hashtag, a four-tier cake (made by my sister) decorated like the sky and a suitcase that had the flag of each country we’ve traveled to, an antique suitcase, mini suitcases filled with candy as the party favor and the food all helped to add special tocuhes to the day!

My brother-in-law Wayne hooked us up with a spread of amazing pork, seafood pasta, crisp, fresh veggies and delicious foccacia bread. We ate our faces off, our guests are still talking about the food!!

What I Wore 

So the reason I wanted to know the date of our wedding shower was because I knew how I wanted to look, and I needed time to prepare. “Simply angelic” was the look I was going for. I always knew I wanted to wear wedding white. I ordered a dress online that was super disappointing when it arrived. Thankfully I found this beautifully simple linen slip dress in a local store. It’s adorned with delicate sheer details and fits to perfection.

Several months ago I fell in love  BECAME OBSESSED with this halo that Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wore at the Met Gala! I was awestruck and knew I needed to make this look a part of my wedding festivities! I was OBSESSED!

After several trips to the craft store, the junkanoo shack several aluminum supply shops; hot glue guns, super glue, wires, hair combs and hacksaws, I could not get this thing to work!

In the end, I resorted to simply tying a piece of gold wire together and creating the halo. It was thinner and less impactful than I originally wanted, but…I got my halo! With two pieces of gold wire and about 20 hair pins, I brought my angel dreams to life!

Family, Friends, Love

More than the gifts, we were showered with so much love! Our friends and family really got us excited for spending the rest of our lives together with them rooting us on. Check out these photos from the hilarious “toilet paper dress making” competition, opening our gifts, cutting the cake and vibing with some of the people who love us best!




garden bridal shower our garden chic bridal shower

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Our Garden Chic Wedding Shower + What I Wore

  1. Christelle J B says:

    Beautiful! Congratulations and have a fantastic and blessed day!

  2. Katis B. says:

    So beautiful! Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness.

  3. Holly ferguson says:

    This was awesome !!!! Congrats to u both

  4. Pauline Montique says:

    Enjoy your blessings Ianthia &Farreno. Thank you for sharing..
    Beautiful… 😘

  5. Beautiful!!! I know your big day will be even more beautiful. Love your beautiful personality

  6. Shanequia Bethell says:

    Awesome and congratulations!!! Blessings on your union 🙂

  7. Tura says:

    You can feel the love through the photos wishing you all the best on your upcoming nuptials

  8. Georgia says:

    Love it, love it!!!!!!!

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