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Pregnant? Add This Prenatal Regimen to Your “To Do” List!



Mar 15, 2020


Since getting pregnant I’ve been bombarded with so much information; so many do’s and don’ts, must haves and “don’t eat that!” So many people have been lovingly giving me advice to help me navigate this very interesting journey.

Even more interesting than the journey itself, are some of the old wives’ tales that are supposed to be keeping me and baby healthy and safe during pregnancy. With a little research of my own and, I guess you can say some risk taking, I wanted to challenge some of those myths, not just to be rebellious, but to get more comfortable.

One of those myths were…

“Don’t get a massage nor pedicure during your pregnancy!”

prenatal massage regimen
prenatal massage regimen
prenatal massage regimen

I was horrified when I first heard this piece of advice. As I got deeper into my third trimester, the more my body craved a good ole rub down. So I reached out to my friend Brenicka of A Mother’s Spa for some prenatal lovin.’ She helped to debunk a lot of myths and explain the do’s and don’t of these massages. The trick is to do your own research, ask your doctor questions and be smart!

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With dry skin in tow an achy back, thighs and shoulders I waddled my way into her studio for the prenatal body scrub and massage I’d been longing for. The hour and some I spent in her studio felt like a gift from heaven. A full body scrub, the perfect massage and some soothing music really had both me and baby floating on cloud nine!

Check out this video to see how it all went down!

DISCLAIMER: I partnered with A Mother’s Spa for this collab and this is a sponsored post. But all views are honest, true and mine! Also, if you’re pregnant, speak to your doctor before having any procedures/massages/body scrubs done.

Pregnant? Add This Prenatal Regimen to Your “To Do” List!

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