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READ THIS! 4 Crafty Ways to Get More People Reading Your Blog Posts!

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Mar 21, 2019


I admit.

I’m a chronic sharer, reposter and an avid “let-me-copy-and-paste-this-link-to-an-old-blog” kind of blogger. It pains me sometimes when I think of the hours, days and sometimes weeks I spend crating a blog and realizing I didn’t do more to push it.

From thinking up great topics, crafting catchy headlines, compiling the information, sourcing or even shooting photos; I wont even mention the occasional writer’s block, distraction and…life that happens from blog concept to hitting publish; so much goes into blogging!

Does this chain of events sound familiar to you?
Invest time writing blog post
Publish blog post
Share blog post one on social media channel
Never share blog post again

About two years ago I wrote an e-book called Create. Post. Push. which shares some of the tips and even habits I use to start my blog, keep it consistent and keep eyes reading. Click the pic to download and read it!

Ways to Get More People Reading Your Blog Posts!

In the e-book, in part, I chat more about why PUSHING your content is so important. A few weeks ago a Facebook friend of mine started a conversation on her page about customer service. I chimed in with my opinion and in my last comment, I shared the link to my blog on the same topic. The views and reads for that post dramatically jumped just because I shared that story I wrote two years ago!

You spend way too much time, put in too much effort to write your blogs, share them once on social media and then walk away! You have to remember that someone is always seeing your work for the first time, even if it feels repetitive posting it. Sharing your content weeks, months, even years after hitting publish is a must to increase your readership.

4 Easy Tips to Increase Blog Reads

Use scheduling platforms – I love using scheduling platforms like Hootsuite to consistently and constantly share my blog posts. It’s simple too. All you have to do is sign up, link your preferred social media accounts, choose a photo, caption and the link you want to share, pick a date, time and platform and the app posts that article for your viewers to see. I usually sit for about an hour scheduling posts in Hootsuite so my shares are on autopilot.

Get in the comment section – I absolutely love dropping links to my blog posts in the middle of a conversation on social media, like I explained above. I feel so proud and well versed when I direct someone to my blog to read a post on a particular topic. This lets me know that I’m keeping my ears to the ground, paying attention to my readers and friends and acting on these bits of info! I love chatting with people on Facebook, especially, and then ending with a, “check this link out I wrote about this on my blog!” What a great feeling…and a few extra reads!

Utilize popular social media nights – So I love to live tweet when concerts, major TV premieres, award shows or movies are on because it seems like everyone and their mama is online during these times and this provides the perfect opportunity to share links to my related blogs. When Beyonce performed at one awards show, I was ready to drop this blog I wrote about her Lemonade album and how I bonded with my dad while listening to it. No matter the topic, I search my site for a blog that could tie in and I share the link, right in the middle of everyone raving about Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s on-screen chemistry. While users are tweeting about their fave parts of the show or movie, my links are a part of their timeline, I make sure of this. Magazine and news publications do it all the time and I don’t blame them; it’s a great way to increase reads. You can do this on Facebook too but I find it works best for me on Twitter.

Do the work, manually share – This might seem like a daunting task but, for me it’s very fulfilling. Some days, when I have the time, I actually go through my site, copy and paste links to Twitter and Facebook, simple. Based on the new likes, comments and shares I get, I know for a fact I’m getting more reads because of the recent post. One trick I use to make the post shares more visually appealing is to shrink the link. It could be an eyesore to constantly see all the time. So there are a few websites that actually shrink your hyperlink and makes it…cuter. I use a site called Bitly. So instead of the long link version, once I pass the link through Bitly it decreases to — much cuter right?? It takes you to the same story but it just looks better in a post!

Are you gonna try out these tips? Which do you think will be your fave? Tell me in the comments!

READ THIS! 4 Crafty Ways to Get More People Reading Your Blog Posts!

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