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Ruffles, Florals, Drama! What I Wore to Faren’s Christening

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Oct 6, 2020


The minute I laid eyes on this dress I knew I needed it. What for? I didn’t know at the time. But it lived in my head rent free for months; I literally dreamed about her.

After planning Faren’s christening, then cancelling, then planning again and cancelling again, thanks to COVID-19, we finally solidified a date for her infant dedication, and then I remembered the dress!

I knew it was exactly what I wanted to wear for this special occasion. It had ruffles, a floral print, a corset to cinch the waist, puff sleeves (my fave!) a high neck, buttons all over…it was pure drama; it was so me! With two weeks to plan, I ordered my dress late one night and prayed to the high heavens it got here in time.

You know, island life means having to depend on courier services to get your packages in any kind of timely manner and even that was a little risky with a big event just days away and with this pandemic delaying or cancelling things left and right.

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Let’s just say the people at a local shipping company are sick of me! Lol! I called and called, tracked my package and refreshed my account many times to keep an eye on where my dress was. The christening was on a Sunday, I got my dress the Friday before. Whew!

But it was worth every butterfly in my stomach, every nail I bit off, every prayer I recited. I mean just look at it…

Even though it was Faren’s big day, mommy had a “debut” of her own. I, too, was locked in the house for the past six months. I almost forgot what it felt like to dress up and get cute after months of rocking pajamas and satin caps. And still dealing with everything that comes with postpartum; hair loss, skin issues, mental, physical and emotional fatigue, I NEEDED THIS! The makeup, the hairstyle, the getting dolled up; I needed it all.

So while Faren was being dedicated back to the Lord, Ianthia the fashionista was experiencing a rebirth of her own!

Now that my hair is growing back, my skin is acting (sorta) right and I now know again what size I wear; be on the look out for more fashionable content!

Ruffles, Florals, Drama! What I Wore to Faren’s Christening

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