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5 Simple Travel Pleasures I ABSOLUTELY Miss!



Oct 14, 2020


Oh to drive to the airport right now, tow the line to check in, possibly have my flight delayed, but eventually flying into the sunset to jet off to some new, beautiful location.

To thug it out through several layovers but to touch down in an new city in the wee hours of the morning and begin a new adventure, a new journey, meet new people, eat new food and just enjoy the world.


2020 really did a number on me when it comes to my inability to travel as I wanted to and as I had planned. And boy did I have some plans in mind for travel this year, even with a baby in tow! Thankfully I have tons of photos, videos, memories and stories to look back on as I endure seemingly never-ending lockdowns and a pandemic that just wont go away.

Although I miss the grandeur of travel and everything it does for me mentally and spiritually, there are some really simple, overlooked, oftentimes forgotten, but oh so special travel moments I’m longing to experience again.

Exchanging my currency

Cha-ching! As simple as it sounds, I for sure miss propping myself up at the currency exchange counters, taking those US bills and converting them to the money unique to that country. I especially miss this experience in places like Thailand and Dubai where my “measly” US$500 equated to thousands in Thai Baht and UAE Dirham! I would need an envelope to keep all the cash because my wallet just wasn’t big enough. Man I miss ballin’ in foreign currency!

The Exchange, in Morocco
Showing off my bills in Abu Dhabi, UAE!

Long, chatty Uber and taxi rides

I honestly think I’ve met some of the best drivers ever! From a really nice Uber lady in Houston, Texas who knew all the dope spots to try, to the most patient and kind taxi driver in Morocco. The conversations and stories shared while I’m on my way to see a temple, or tower or dine at a world renowned restaurant are always top notch, whether it’s in a taxi or a tuk tuk.

simple travelling pleasures
Taking a tuk tuk ride in Phuket, Thailand
simple travelling pleasures
The BEST cab driver ever! We pose with Abraham in Marrakech.

Befriending the hotel staff and locals

Ever stayed at a spot so long that the workers started to get used to you? LOL! This is me on many of my trips. But my trip to Thailand is most notorious for this. I was in Thailand for a long two weeks, which actually felt like two months! So much so that the hotel staff literally became our friends, they’d hail us in the hallways, pass by us with smiles in the night market, even the lady who ran her day tour company on the corner got used to seeing our faces. It’s really something special to develop friendships with people a world away.

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My friend! We passed her everyday on the way in and out of the hotel and booked all our tours with her! Phuket, Thailand.

Strolling the local markets

I say it every single time: I love shopping in markets and souks when I travel. For me, it’s where I find the heartbeat and culture of that place in the food, the people, the wares, the clothing and even the music. It’s also where I find the best souvenirs and my most treasured travel experiences; like finding a group of guys having lunch in their stall in the gold souk in Dubai, shifting my dress to the side and joining them on the ground to dine. But perhaps, my favorite of them all? La Boquiera in Barcelona! Just look at the color…

simple travelling pleasures
Us…in Barcelona!
simple travelling pleasures
Our friends in Dubai were so nice and shared their food with us! Dubai, UAE

Getting lost

Google Maps is my friend when I travel but I absolutely love and miss those days of getting lost on the streets of Panama or Puerto Rico. Getting lost in a new city is definitely an underrated experience that oftentimes helps you find some amazing travel gems you never even knew existed.

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simple travelling pleasures
Trying to find my way in Panama

Relive some of these trips by checking out my YouTube travel Playlist!

What do you miss most about travelling? Tell me in the comments!

5 Simple Travel Pleasures I ABSOLUTELY Miss!

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