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The Cutest Breakfast for Kids: Easter Bunny Pancakes



Apr 9, 2023


I’ve always said, I’m a mom who loves a good weekend breakfast! So I was so excited to wake up early Easter morning to make the cutest bunny pancakes for Faren.

She’s at the age where food has to be visually appealing (and smell good) for her to even entertain the thought. And with her seeing all things bunnies and eggs and chick-related in school, at home and in the stores this week, I knew this bunny-inspired breakfast would be a hit.

There are a lot of blogs I’ve read that have made their pancakes from scratch for this family-friendly meal. But for the mom-on-the-go or the mom who just woke up and decided to make something cute, instant pancakes work just as good. At least they did for me!

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I literally used “just add water” boxed pancake mix, and following the measurements on the box, I mixed just the right amount for the number of bunny pancakes I wanted.
The one thing that I need in my pancakes, is lemon zest! So I added some to the batter and mixed it thoroughly.
There were so many styles and shapes of these bunny pancakes, but I did a quick Google search and found one that I liked. I used that photo to help me get the shapes just right.
I freehanded one big circle pancake for the bunny’s body, a medium sized one for the head and two smaller ones for the feet. Then I freehand poured 2 elongated pancakes for bunny’s ears.
For the tail I used marshallow fulff and added blueberries for his little toes…one fell off.
I then garnished my bunny pancake with fresh strawberries and more blueberries and we had the cutest bunny pancake in town.

🐰💜 Happy Easter!


The Cutest Breakfast for Kids: Easter Bunny Pancakes

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