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It’s Time to Unpause That Passion Project

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Apr 13, 2023


This is your passion project calling, and it’s about time you pick up the phone!

Sis, you’ve already taken the course, bought the inventory, purchased the equipment and did the research. It’s time to hit the play button and breathe new life into that project that’s still sitting so heavy on your chest. 

I recently unpaused a passion project and relaunched my YouTube series called Personal Space, where I chat with some amazing girl bosses, and the weight that relieved from my shoulders was indescribable.

Our bodies can tell when we’re yearning for something, but we’re deprived of it. Just like water, this can be said of the dreams you let go unexplored.

Personal Space has been on pause for three long years and during a time when I was looking for new things to fulfill me, this was sitting right in my face and I was ignoring it.

And then I hit the play button! 

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It felt so so amazing getting back out in the field and chatting with the likes of Chantal O’Brian, the first Bahamian woman to ever place top 10 at the Ms. Universe pageant, veteran businesswoman and million dollar-maker Keshelle Davis and internationally acclaimed Bahamian hairstylist Sade Evans.

The first episode featuring the Bahamian woman going to space Aisha Bowe is now live on YouTube and I’d love for you to check it out. 

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Now sis, was that enough encouragement for you to unpause that passion project that you know will bring you so much joy? 

And if your YouTube channel is a project you want to unpause, I have the perfect easy-to-follow guide to get you back on track! And check out my other online courses! 

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It’s Time to Unpause That Passion Project

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