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The Dress That Saved The Tea Party + 16 Others Just Like It!



Apr 26, 2023


Girl my zipper broke as soon as I walked through the door.

The worst part is that I was actually on time! I had just arrived to the tea party when the zipper on my first dress broke, but I’d actually never make it into the event until two hours hours after the start time.

I literally spent the entire weekend getting ready for this tea party and I was so excited to wear this dress again. I even got gloves made and went hat and fascinator shopping for this look.

Thankfully my sister and the ladies in the Margaritaville sundries store were there during this wardrobe malfunction and were doing the Lord’s work, as they desperately tried to get that zipper up.

But the zipper said, “Nope! Get somebody else to do it!”

After 40 minuted of being holed up in the bathroom and then a dressing room, I left the event, hopped in my car and headed home to find a new dress.

It never even crossed my mind: wear my birthday dress from last year to the tea party. I just didn’t give it a thought. But it was the second dress I pulled from my closet as I rushed to get back to the party and the minute I put it on, it was a winner! It was sitting at the back of my closet, just hanging there, waiting.

I felt so much better in her, she was more vibrant, more colorful, more inviting and…the zipper worked!

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tea party

Everyone complimented me on this dress. Literally everyone! I was so stunned at how well the dress complimented the venue, the decor and the theme.

The lesson is this: People will always try to put you at the “back of the closet.” While you’re there, keep working and keep your integrity in tact. Because when your number is finally called, you’ll need to quickly zip yourself up and shine like the star you are!

My second dress did just that!

I didn’t find the exact dress for you, but I found some pretty good doppelgängers that are just as beautiful!

Happy shopping!

The Dress That Saved The Tea Party + 16 Others Just Like It!

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