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NYC: Where to Eat on Your Next Girls’ Trip!



May 31, 2023


New York City is always a great idea!

Make it a girls’ trip to attend a concert of two your favorite artists and now you’re really in for a good time!

Earlier this month I jetted off to one of my favorite cities to see Anita Baker and Babyface live! With me, were my two sisters, two of my cousins, my three-year-old daughter, my aunt and my stepmother. This was the first time we’d all travelled together in years, so I was super excited for this mini family reunion. It was Mother’s Day weekend too, so we had lots to celebrate…and that we did!

Where we stayed

The Westin NYC at Times Square – I loved that we were centrally located and could literally walk out of our hotel room and right into the hustle and bustle of the city. A tad pricey, but totally worth it since we got to save on transportation. When we did drive, we only a short distance from where we wanted to go.

Where we ate

 Van Leeuwen’s Ice Cream – The best ice cream flavors with the most creative blends in the city! I can’t remember which one I got, but I do remember wishing i got two scoops, instead of one! So creamy, so delicious and so filling!

best food in nyc

Turntable Chicken Jazz – This restaurant will always make my “best of New York” lists. This Korean spot has certainly perfected their menu and every time I go back, it’s better than the last time. Kimchi rice, Korean fried chicken, the drinks and the vibes…definitely 10/10!

Zucker’s Bagel and Smoked Fish – Zooming back to our hotel room one day I spotted this bagel spot near Bryant Park and jotted down the name to keep as an option for breakfast one day, and that was a great idea! We headed to Zucker’s one morning and feasted on the best bagels, smoked salmon, guacamole and all the other savory toppings we could add!

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Cantina Rooftop – For the second time in a row, I headed to Cantina for dinner on night one of the trip. Because it’s the perfect place to unwind after a day of travel. It’s a high-paced, energetic, party environment serving the most delicious Mexican dishes and lots of fun!

Clinton Street Baking Company – The wait was long but it was worth it! I missed this place on my last trip so it had to make the itinerary this time around and I’m so happy it did. A place that serves a brunch menu all day and also runs a quaint bakery next door? Yes, please! As we waited for our number to be called, we grabbed some muffins, scones and cookies from the window full of breads and other sweet treats. Inside the restaurant, we dined on chicken and waffles, blueberry pancakes, French toast, mimsosas and some of the best homemade butters I’ve ever had.

STK Steakhouse – Lots of meat, lots of sides, lots of vibes and the food was good! On night three we were hungry and wanted to eat heavy, so we opted for steak and STK didn’t disappoint. The serving portion were huge so we got a bunch of items and just shared them up. The tomahawk, truffle mashed potatoes, asparagus, mac and cheese! Delicious!

Breakfast by Salt’s Cure – Ok. So I literally saved the best for last! It was Mother’s Day and we wanted to brunch! My sister sent over a list of “best brunches in NYC” and I scoured the page, playing eeny meeny, miney, moe in an effort to choose a location. After pulling up two of the spots on Instagram and reading the reviews, I went with Breakfast by Salt’s Cure. not knowing what to expect, we headed to the West Village location and stood in an hour’s long line! Baby, the wait was worth every second we endured that end of Spring sun. These were by far the best pancakes I’ve ever had in my life! Made from scratch, griddled, topped with a homemade cinnamon maple syrup and just so satisfying! I read online that they they’ve packaged their special batter for sale so I copped a bag to take with me!

See these foods in motion! Check out my Instagram Reel!

NYC: Where to Eat on Your Next Girls’ Trip!

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