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[VIDEO + PICS] #CREATEPOSTPUSH: My eBook Launch and Networking Mixer

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Nov 28, 2017


By far November 22 was one of the best days of my 2017! And I’ve had some pretty darn good days this year!

This was the day I officially celebrated the launch of my very first eBook CREATE. POST. PUSH. with friends, family and members of my tribe. For me, it was the realization of a dream and months of hard work and dedication.

The goal of the book was two-fold: to create a fun, down-to-earth, easy to read guide for new bloggers wanting to get into the business and help those wanting to revive their love for the craft.

I’m constantly bombarded with questions about blogging, how I got into it, how I stay consistent, how do I know what to write about etc.

I wanted to compile hours worth of emails, DMs, Facebook messages, texts, whatsapp messages and conversations into a book.

I wanted to let people know that…

[bctt tweet=”#createpostpush is my blogging mantra! ” username=”iamianthia”]

It’s what I live by to keep my blog afloat and stay consistent in a world that could easily become confusing, hard to maneuver and force you to compare yourself to others.

#CREATEPOSTPUSH is a labor of love and it deserved a night all its own! 

And the night was perfect! The vibes were right, the people were amazing, the food was great and the drinks flowed!

I partnered with the Halcyon Restaurant and Bar to host the fun night and brought on sponsors like Black Opal, ORS, BTC, F.DOT Photography, Vokos Spa, Going Places Travel, Sands Beer + Tito’s VodkaTier Cake Loft, Sun & Ice, Crab Toes, Paper Place, Taylormade Gourmet Treats, Picture Perfect PhotoBooth, DJ Turbulence and Beyond Photos who all helped to make the night a smashing success!

These partnerships were proof positive that brand collaboration is so important and so necessary for bloggers!

There were giveaways, prizes, surprises and a litty situation all around!



Click here to view more pics on the Facebook page and peep the video below! 



[VIDEO + PICS] #CREATEPOSTPUSH: My eBook Launch and Networking Mixer

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