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What I did in September & October



Nov 3, 2022


Ok, so clearly I can’t keep up with 2022!

Please tell me where September went and where October had to be; because how are we in November already?! This last quarter of the year is definitely flying by and all the days, weeks and months seem to just meld into each other.

Also to blame for that, is the fact that I’ve been super busy with life and work. Things have definitely picked up and the Google calendar is super colorful with its color coded reminders of the eight million events we have scheduled.

But we are blessed. Blessed to be busy with the work and people we love. It feels like by the time as I look up from writing this, it’ll be November 30, so let me do this September and October recap real quick!


BTC InKnowvation Masterclass session – I was so honored to teach my very first masterclass! BTC hosted its InKnowvation masterclass series and brought me on board for a media coaching session. I taught the audience how to land and leverage media coverage to grow their brand and business. It was my first time ever teaching a class outside of my workshops so it was exciting to get on stage and share with a new audience.

Vision VIP Day – As a coach, I have coaches and I am committed to constantly growing and advancing. So when my coach Keshelle Davis hosted her VIP Vision Day I knew I had to be there. It was a one-day, small group planning and strategy session where she really walked us through detailing our visions for our business and how we would bring them to life. It was so needed and I loved the fact that I got to share and learn from other women entrepreneurs and coaches.

Influencer day out – With everything fully opened up again, it was great to head out for an influencer’s day! I was invited to Baha Mar’s grand opening of their new 818 Shack. The brand is co-owned by Kendall Jenner and the event brought out so many familiar faces and friends. It was great getting back out on the town and mixing and mingling and being social!

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Free webinar training – I had nearly 100 people register for my free training session! It was called, “From Freeze Up to Show Up: 4 Ways to Beat Your on Camera Fears.” It was such a great session and I instantly fell in love with serving my audience on a new platform. It was very similar to teaching my in-person workshops and I really see myself doing more webinar trainings and events in the future. It was engaging, easy to do and a great way to add value to my tribe. Click here to sign up for my mailing list to get first dibs on the next webinar!

BTC InKnowvation conference host – So in addition to BTC hosting a masterclass, they also host an in-person and virtual conference each year and this year I got to host on the big stage! The conference was lived streamed to 16 other countries and had over 2,000 people watching online and 100-plus people in the live audience. Light work for a vet!

Trick-o-treat with Coco Melon – So this year Faren went out to her first trick-o-treat! Shed been watching a lot of YouTube videos (the not-so scary kid friendly ones) about Halloween and was looking forward to wearing her costume and heading out this year. We got her this cutest Coco Melon costume and took her to a local event for some candy and fun. She loved seeing the other kids’ costumes, standing in line as we waited to go in and walking around as her favorite TV show character!

See you next month!

What I did in September & October

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