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Inside my Better On Camera Workshop

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Aug 30, 2022


I remember listening to Ray J speak at a virtual business and networking event in late 2020, and something he said stuck with me. It’s one of those things where, you can’t remember exactly what the person said, but you remember how it made you felt. And I felt inspired! He was giving a presentation about being in business and not just wanting to sell products, but seeking to build an empire, to leave a legacy.

I quickly got to work strategizing what I wanted to offer my audience next. I could feel they wanted more and expected more from me and I was ready to give them more. I was ready to create something that could change lives and become a staple i my business model. It took me a few days, but it eventually came to me and I created my LitFluential Summer Workshop and Content Planning Party 2021. Over two days I taught and coached 21 students on how to master their message, create engaging content for social media, use storytelling to grow their audience and we shot branding images for their portfolios.

The LitFluential Content Workshop is now available as a self-paced, self-taught online course that teaches you how to plan, create and strategize your content for a strong social media presence! Click here to get access!

It was such a vibe, I had to keep the momentum up!

Introducing the Better on Camera Workshop

I hate to do a thing once and let it drop off the face of the earth. Even worse, I’d hate to ever be considered a one hit wonder! With this in mind and my goal to build a media empire and constantly share my gifts, I had to bring the summer workshop back and keep the vibe alive!

At the beginning of the year, I hired a coach to help me scale my business, tighten up my skills as a coach and to network with other women who were on the same path. During one of our calls, we both realised that I was minimising and not tapping into my media maven superpower. She encouraged me to pivot a bit and share more of my knowledge about the media world, being a TV host and on-camera talent.

And it was then that the Better On Camera workshop was born!

how to be better on camera

I invited 10 women who wanted to show up more confidently in their media interviews and social media content to spend two days with me so I could teach them my four-step strategy to looking, sounding and feeling their best on camera. The weekend was charged with such great energy, amazing vibes, lessons, networking and collaboration. On day one, Bahamian social media influencer TAP was my guest coach and she helped me teach the ladies about standing out on social media and creating content that connects.

how to be better on camera

Check out the Instagram Reel from Day 1!

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On day two it was all about tackling the tech and veteran broadcast journalist Jerome Sawyer was there as guest coach to teach the ladies everything they needed to know to ace their media interviews and make a memorable news feature. We shot video for Reels, Tik Tok and YouTube! The best part for me though, is scrolling social media everyday and seeing their posts! These are the same ladies who were either too scared, too confused or too overwhelmed to go on camera! I am so so proud of them!

how to be better on camera

Check out the Instagram Reel from Day 2!

Listen, I can tell you for sure that real transformations were made: people saw themselves in new ways, had more confidence to show up on camera and in the real world and are now content creation machines! There were mimosas, food, snacks and memories made. I wanted the ladies to immediately be mentally and physically prepared to shoot video content so they were all gifted with a Better On Camera starter pack consisting of a ring light, a lapel microphone and a content planning journal! This was so much fun, I’m thinking of doing it again real soon.

If you or someone you know would be interested in this workshop email me at!

Inside my Better On Camera Workshop

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