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I Work For My Damn Self: The “Office” Christmas Party

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Dec 24, 2017


I’m calling this the “I Work for my Damn Self Luncheon,” and it just might be an annual shindig! 

On Tuesday, just six days before Christmas, I was so damn annoyed and depressed! Although I’ve been a freelancer for three years now, it never hit me until this year that giving up the Christmas luncheon, office Secret Santa and end of year staff parties to “work for myself” would be this hard!

For the first time since I quit my job, I missed my coworkers and the amazing fun we had during the holidays; taking illegally long lunch breaks to go shopping for gifts, extending press conference hours as we made final preps for the family dinner and just vibing in the hallway with spiked eggnog that we passed off as coffee in our mugs!

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While I love my freelance life, there are many advantages to being a part of an office that I miss, especially during the holidays! 

I can’t tell you how many times I rolled my eyes to the back of my head when I saw those Secret Santa gifts opening on Facebook, or how many times I sucked my teeth when I saw those IG posts showing off the staff luncheon at the fanciest restaurants in town, ugh!

I was hella annoyed. But you see, I’m a go-getter, a hustler, an “I gat this!” kind of gal. So as I spilled my jealous tears on my Instastories, I had a light bulb moment.

freelancer staff party

“Why not take yourself to a Christmas lunch and invite other freelancers to join you?”

And just like that I Work For My Damn Self: The “Office” Christmas Party was born!

Within minutes of me making the announcement I had tons of DMs from people who were feeling the exact same way and wanted to be a part of the office party for the office-less!

Dream it. Speak it. Do it. 

In minutes I’d locked down a location, confirmed several guests and got to planning!

The results? An amazing afternoon of girl bosses who work from home or alone in an office, but found a community of like minded souls to share a Christmas luncheon with!

freelancer staff party

We laughed, we met new people, we danced, we shared freelance stories of the struggles of being paid on time, the hardships of getting out of your pyjamas even at 1:30 p.m., being respected as real workers, the blessing that is free Wi-Fi in a coffee shop and…figuring out what’s next!

It felt so good to bring this crew together! Some of us have known each other for years, some of us met each other recently and some of us were perfect strangers before our luncheon. It’s amazing what food, mimosas and a smile can do!

Although it may have been too last minute for Secret Santa, we had gifts! As Black Opal Bahamas brand ambassador I had to give the ladies some of my fave products for Christmas!

There’s no need for anyone to feel alone, no matter the time of year! All you have to do it put yourself out there, find your community and make it happen!

Should I make this an annual event? Let me know in the comments below!

freelancer staff party

I Work For My Damn Self: The “Office” Christmas Party

  1. Thaddeus Foster says:

    Happy New Year. It’s a wonderful thing to see Independent Women celebrating together.

  2. Tela Holcomb says:

    Yay! You had a nice turn out! This is totally a thing now and I love it!

  3. Raven says:

    This is amazing! I loved every bit of this. You should TOTALLY do this annually. It may even build up to be a bigger event later down the line. Regardless, I’m obsessed. You go Ianthia!

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