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Your Summer Toddler Travel Checklist



Jun 22, 2023


Tickets booked, tours set and the family’s all ready to go on summer vacation.

But what do we pack for baby?! Traveling with a toddler can be hectic, but it can also be a breeze when you know exactly what to pack to keep them entertained, comfortable and full!

Here are the items that made our most recent trip to New York City a breeze! And everything (minus the stroller) fit in her backpack. Use this as your summer toddler travel checklist.

summer toddler travel checklist

Keep them warm with a blanket for cold airports and airplanes. Try this cuddly, cozy one that comes with a pillow for naptime!

Socks also help to keep them warm!

Kid-friendly headphones allow them to get some peaceful (for you) screen time in. These ones limit how high the volume goes.

Kiddie tablet, please don’t forget the tablet at home!

Safety arm leash because kids love to stray away and run off when they see their favorite cartoon characters or an ice cream stand.

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 This stroller was so easy to maneuver, lightweight, compact and perfect for one-handed operation as you carry your shopping bags. It folds three-ways so you can push, pull or roll baby!

Potty training? This travel potty cover is perfect for those “I have to go” moments in public places! For safety and hygiene, use a glove to remove the seat and spray with disinfectant after use.

Hot chocolate or their favorite warm drink. My daughter loves Milo.

Coloring book and crayons, to diversify the entertainment and believe it or not, kids get tired of looking at screens too. She really enjoyed coloring time as we waited to board.

Favorite snack, because they get really picky on a long drive!

Juice, because some on-the-road options are so sugary! We love these Honest sugar-free juice boxes. Ship them to your hotel before your trip!

I kept the toys at a minimum so there were less things to keep track of. Her singing Little Mermaid doll was the toy of choice for this trip.

So tell me, where are you taking the kiddies this summer?! Will you be using this summer toddler travel checklist?

Your Summer Toddler Travel Checklist

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