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6 Fashion & Beauty Items I’m Loving Now!



Feb 5, 2020


Every so often, I go crazy racking up new beauty, fashion and clothing items that I end up obsessing over for months. There’s something therapeutic about mindlessly shopping for pretty, sparkly, smell good things.

For some reason, I randomly go on this lipstick binge where I go crazy looking for the best new shades and finishes; or I’ll go on the hunt for new accessories to play in.

Three new, beautiful hand bags; a fiery hot new lippie, bracelets with an international flare, the best “lotion” and the sweetest smelling sprays are my new fave additions to my beauty collection!

Secure The Bags!

When I find a purse, a handbag, a clutch or wristlet that hold everything and bring some pizazz and flair to my outfit, it’s akin to me finding love! I found this gorgeous straw number while in the Makola Market on my recent trip to Ghana and it goes with everything! The two-toned feature, the fact that it round all add to the appeal.

I am not one to wear animal prints but for some reason I’ve fallen in love with these two little bags. The first was a gift from my Secret Santa and I love! This mini bag from Top Shop doesn’t exactly hold everything, but aint she cute?

fashion & beauty items

I spotted this adorable wristlet the other day and had to have it! It’s actually from a Bahamian online boutique called The Fete Queen! I was browsing the site and this spring green beauty caught my eye. I love that it’s a wristlet too and beautifully adorns the arm.

Red Hot “CHILI” Lippie

Some parts of your beauty and style routine eventually become your signature. For me, it’s a good ole matte red lippie, Ruby Woo to be exact! I’ve been wearing it for so long that I feel weird when I’m not. But recently while holiday shopping for new things, I found this orange-hued tube that I (honestly) didn’t instantly fall in love with, but I saw its potential. It’s the “Chili” shade from MAC Cosmetics in a matte finish and I’m so happy I copped this, because now it’s one of my faves! The shade is so subtly powerful and works perfectly with my complexion. If red is the power color then “Chili” is her equally as powerful friend, Strength.

fashion & beauty items

Arm Candy Galore

I walked pass stall after stall selling these coloful bracelets in Ghana and I just wasn’t interested. I’m a simple accessories girl; diamond studs, a watch, two Alex and Ani bracelets and my wedding ring. In years passed I used to hoard accessories and never wear them so when I saw these ones I walked on by. I was always afraid that wearing too many things on my arms would make me look “junky.” It wasn’t until I was souvenir shopping for some friends that I decided to pick up a few bracelets for them, I tried on one, then two, then stacked three on my arm and the light bulb went off; girl you need to cop a few of these for yourself! So I did. I’ve been wearing my colorful beads ever since I got back from the trip and although they carry the colors of the rainbow, they perfectly match with everything.

RED ASLO: Who. What. Wear. (Ghana) + My Maternity Clothing Haul

Spritz and Spray

I’m so not a perfume girl and opt for body sprays and spritzes instead, especially for my day-to-day runs. Right now I’m loving two scents that I can’t part with.

Victoria’s Secret PINK – Bright Apple and Campus Life – I love that this literally smells like a new day. It’s so refreshing and calming and is a mix of fruits, fresh laundry and…a banana strawberry smoothie!

Gap – So Pink – Now here’s a splash I love! These retail stores really get you with all those cute items you have to pass while you tow the line to the check out counter, don’t they? One day in The Gap I randomly picked up and sniffed this bottle and mentally clicked “add to cart!” It’s a “flirty blend of citrus and flowers” that really sets the tone for my day. It’s light and airy and demands just the right amount of attention.

fashion & beauty items

Oh Tou-Shea!

You may have seen me raving about my shea butter purchase in Ghana and actually smearing it on my skin in my Instagram stories, that’s because it is definitely one of the best buys I’ve made in a while. No lotion compares to this moisture filled, hydrating, all-natural goodness that came straight from the Motherland! With pregnancy comes stretch marks, weird skin issues, dry skin and severe hyperpigmentation, but this shea butter is giving me life and keeping my skin healthy and glowing!

What beauty items are you loving right now?

6 Fashion & Beauty Items I’m Loving Now!

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